Sunday, 28 December 2014

Post modern Juggles!

So stretched has become life's scope
And so narrowed any honest concern
Stressed have become the natural muscles
So loud is the solemn atypical intonation
Widening is the ocean of information
A sheet thin is now our concentration 
Exposure to so vast communication
Sucking life off her genuine affection
Myriads of stuff demanding consideration
Bereft of payment for details' attention
All seeking for the instant satisfaction 
No room for examination or reflection 
Hit and run is our age's obsession
Discernment no longer our intention
Burring deep our treasured foundation
Mere affirmation has become our seduction
Delving into every bandwagon of conversation
Never wary of their initiation or conclusion

N G Kibiringi 2014

Friday, 19 December 2014

I'm A Lover Of Depth!

I love to look beyond the face's gaze
And capture the emotions’ whiz
I love to peruse beneath the expression
And interact with the soul’s motivation
I love to test the water's depth
And resonate with its current’s depths
I love to read within and between the lines
And probe the writer’s intention
I love to seat and listen to the beat silence
And celebrate the fragrance of solitude
I love to engage things a bit further
To caption the reality of honest living

I love to wrestle the details beneath
And unpack the glare of truth
I love to peep behind the scenes
And connect the pieces of the untold
I love to visit the well of people’s words
To commune with their inner being
I love to assay the root of one’s deeds
To caption the attitude of their ways
I love to hold relationships firmly and longer
To experience the joy of love’s intimacy 
I love to engage things a bit further
To caption the reality of honest living

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Who Poisoned Humanity?

Premise: Mourning the Peshwar School Bombing victims and families is not easy at all. The sorrow is deep and it just shows how depraved humanity is.

Who Poisoned Humanity?

Why so much brutality
Like the objects of hell
Men swimming in evil’s well
Souls deprived of morality
Worse than even a timed bomb
What has become of humanity?
Who will change our course?

Why so much brutality
From economic malfeasance
To social animosity
From physical exploitation
To spiritual contumacy
What has become of humanity?
Will justice ambit the culprits?

Why so much brutality
The storms of terror
Rising from all ends of the world
Innocent lives harrowed
Wounds and scars cry out loud
What has become of humanity?
Someone must wipe these tears

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

The Devout!

How faithful will be our sole contribution
When our time on earth comes to extinction
With every please of possessions
With every glimpse to education
With every embrace of religions
With every praise to civilisation
With every leisure of professions
With every treasure to position
With every ligature of relations
With every applause to seclusion
Comes in many deep questions
Tied within countless expectations
Of how to balance life’s equation
How to make faithful confessions
Clowning them with kind actions
For we are not alone in this ocean
Up above us dwells the author of creation
Beside us is the vast beauty in creation
How devoted will be our sole contribution
When our time on earth comes to extinction

Saturday, 6 December 2014

The Society!

The society
She is a fertile land
From her belly seeds freely sprout
Life begetters and life devourers
Altogether prowl
In the society

The society
She is a bulging hatchery
Birthing so wide a variety
Vultures and doves
Soaring en masse
In the society  

The society
She lays like an ocean vast
In her creatures daily zoom
Both of safety and of threat
Among each other they cruise
In the society

The society
Her fabric big and thick
Yarns firmly and skein knit
Some salubrious others ruinous
To each other are all weaved
In the society

The society
She’s a basket full
Items uniquely diverse
Both heinous and virtuous
With each other all wily mash
In the society

N G Kibiringi 2014

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Him Alone our Hope!

In the eyes of our Father
We are beheld as family members
In the arms of our Father
We are held within joyous comfort
In the ears of our Father
Our cry is never alien
In the heart of Our Father
We are enveloped by grace divine
In the house of our Father 
Not even one soul is unwelcome
In the presence of our Father
There is life’s heavenly haven
In him alone our Lord
Our hope is indeed secure
In the Love so true and safe
Lord enable us to ever belong