Sunday, 24 May 2015

The British Values Dilemma!

This a simple reflection of the whole idea of British values. It is not a presentation of an analysis of a survey or a creed that I have put together but a poem to get us thinking honestly and critically. Some will agree with it others will differ with it but I'm also not setting it out as a public debate per say but rather an invitation for personal reflection of what the whole idea of values is to us. Is it an alarm that has been pressed so we run to the fire exit? or is it an emergency number we have dialled to call for the ambulance? or is it just an acknowledgement of a battle long lost? I leave it to you to judge but my hope is that it does not spell doom but rather inspire hope or pursuit for hope. 

The British Values Dilemma!

We watch you Breteyne with a tear in the eye
Ours and yours there is a stain of pains
And perhaps a song of the diminishing gains
You can see for yourself
What has become of you?
And what is left of you
What has today got in store for you?
Or perhaps what have you got in store for yourself?
The pieces of your former greatness
All scattered across the globe, where is their peace?
Or the giant piece that held you all as one
Do you still cling to your former glory?
Or are you scripting for yourself a better story?
Are your values to be that you once were?
Or is to be what you’ve now become Britain?

While the majority of yours are still COMMON
The bow still goes to the minority with WEALTH
What health has any fallen empire got?
For even her values become foreign to her own
It is not a blame game I intend to set in motion
Of who let the greatness slip away from Breteyne  
For just as men sleep their life to dearth and death
So does their odorous flower and power shrivel and wither
And all dwells beneath the shackles of past tails
To surrender to history whose phases decay
But lo Breteyne; wait a minute
Did you wisely sow the seeds of greatness you held?
Did you place them rightly beneath a fertile earth?
Or did you in fog your heritages opt for spoil?
This space we’re watching will tell a succinct tale
Are your values to be that you once were?
Or is to be what you've now become Britain?

Monday, 11 May 2015

Do Not Give Up!

Though the trail be so daunting
 Keep going forth my friend
 Do not give up or look back
 For there’s the divine light so bright
 To guide you across the veneer of pain
 There’s such a kind eternal friend
 To cross the dark woods with you
 There’s a fitting portion of living hope
 To keep you forging forth in faith
 There’s what rightly lies ahead
 For you to heal and assuage
 To help you break the chains of distress
 In courage slay the haunting of past
 To help hotfoot you to your berth unique
 Do not give up or look back
 Keep going forth my friend
 Though the trail be daunting
 The future is always fresh and pure