Friday, 28 March 2014

More Beyond the Usual!

What is our business
In this wonder filled world
Could our business be more
Than wander filled busyness

What is our purpose
In this mysterious world
Could our purpose be more
Than our purported mastery

What is our success
In this wonderful life chance
Could our success be more
Than deeds, names n’ possessions

What is our destination
After this brief earth journey closes
Could our destination be more

Than the bodies’ death awaiting us all

Newton G K 2014

Mummy is always the best!

See how her face glows
She is indeed very wise
Her mouth overflows
With superb wit and poise
No one could ever oust her role
Always listening in patience
In her precious womb
Life she divinely nurtures
Her strong hands n' legs
Fleet to tenderly nurse
Her soul gently holding
All her home awesomely intact
Her arms like feathers
The warmest hugs to her kin
Her heart so deep and wide
That dad and all children fit in
Her cute eyes wisely roam
Always watching with adore
Mummy will she tell me
Who taught her to be the best

For mummy and all the mothers 
by Newton G K 2014

The Love Emblem!

While two hearts
Soar on the feathers
Of true love’s harmony
An instant so momentous
Filled with joyous ecstasy
In the eternal fragrant bliss
A soft soothing to the soul
With the luscious ointment
Of a unyielding hope

Newton G K 2014

Bye Mh370!

Beneath the scaring waters deep
Ceased the plane in fears steep
Days gone by without any single bleep
Reticent the ocean in whom the debris sweep
Swallowing the souls of many we weep
May they in eternal peace sleep
Celestial frill to their kins who deeply weep
We face the heavens to honestly peep
Seeking hope from the master of all sheep
In faith to send our soft groans like cheep
Our trust to the one of heavens we keep

Newton G 2014

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Come To The Father's Love!

Open your heart in honest repentance
To the one who loves the world divinely
Open your eyes in grateful delight
For the new life granted to all for free
Open your mouth in sincere praise
To the one on whose breath you are
Open your ears in earnest anticipation
To the word of he who eternally loves
Open your arms and humbly receive
The amazing grace granted in God’s Son
Open your legs in praiseworthy dance
To he who welcomes you to home divine
Open your entirety to the full acceptance
Of the merciful gift of unearned righteousness

The Internal Eternal War!

We all live within a natural shell 
We all have a cocoon of selfness
Every time we arise there is in us 
The eternal snare of self-‘ishness'
Daily we battle this internal boss 
Daily the eternal snare wages war 
Every time there springs the divine piece
Of true love the internal boss roars 
Yet to lively and lovingly live with all
We must triumph over self-'ishness'

Newton G K 2014

Monday, 3 March 2014

Of Love... Of Hate; Which Is Yours?

The route of love is long
Yet precious is its course
The route of hate is wrong
And its purpose is coarse
The root of love reaps a lot
To every soul a joy filled barn
The root of hate reaps a rot
To every soul a hurt filled burn
The path of love is merciful
Pursuing the best for all
The path of hate is marshy full
Causing the bluster fall
The heart of love is caring
Thriving with unending hope
The heart of hate is scarring
Drooping like snaring rope
N G K 2014