Thursday, 1 March 2018

Just as you was Billy, we bid you goodbye

A simple tribute from a simple man to the preacher man who lived and served faithfully within his time on earth. A man who heard, knew, believed, received, lived and fulfilled his call.

Just as you was Billy, we bid you goodbye!

Just as you was Billy
A young man you did honestly hear a call
And did say ‘Just as I am… I come, I come’
While you humbly received the amazing grace
Just as you was Billy, you heard and went

Just as you was Billy
Rather tall and once amongst those of the fall
The saving grace had to your life made a love call
And with all your life you answered the Lord’s call
First for him and for many more that you went on to call
With great passion you shared the Lord’s Love call
With all the men and women from all corners

Just as you was Billy
Yes Billy; the gracious man you lived and live on
Hundreds of millions just as they were you called
Prisoners and free you made this call
Those with and without you made this call
All colours and all ethnicities you never built a wall
For yours was a call to share God’s love for all
You taught us that we are all LOVED TO LOVE

Just as you was Billy
You reminded all, men and women, old and young
Leaders and subjects, rich and poor
Just as they were, they were welcome in this eternal call
Though you shared residence with even presidents
Still you knew earth wasn’t your true residence
And for you longed to be in the true home
And thus home you have gone to be with Jesus
Though missed deeply for you impacted deeply
The mixture of sorrow and joy fills the globe
Just as you was Billy many lives you did touch
Just as you was Billy
You saw all God’s people as God sees them
Now you see them with the best ever view
Rest in his presence Billy
Rest till the millions of your faithfully sown seeds are harvested
Rest as the crown of faithfulness rests square on your head
Just as you was Billy, we bid you goodbye
Just as you was Billy

 from the Lord's servant, Newton Kibiringi

Thursday, 2 November 2017

Repentant, Forgiven and Renewed!

Lord I come to you in humility
I know not how to approach your sacred throne
For your holiness is pure and perfect
Yet my heart is corrupted in my sinfulness
Everyday have I forsaken your commands
I am a lonely stranger isolated in a dessert place

Though on my own I can never be worthy
Still my heart’s door I hear you knock everyday
Clean my house from inside out
Clean my heart and restore my soul
I bow down to repent of my iniquities
A lonely stranger isolated in a dessert place

Father of grace and mercy
You bring down all my high peaks of pride
Only by your power I admit my wrongdoing
Lift up all my depressed areas of life
For there I’ve daily tortured and punished myself
A lonely stranger isolated in a dessert place

Lord of all forgiveness and healing
Straighten my crooked ways merciful Father
I have lied and deceived; will you knit and neaten me
In the presence of your lustrous light
My guilt and shame to be atoned at last
Not any longer a lonely stranger isolated in a dessert place

In your presence you embrace me with true love
In your presence I repent of all my sins
In your presence alone will I be forever free
In your presence I am washed, cleansed and forgiven
In your forgiveness I am made new in Your Spirit
Never again a lonely stranger isolated in a dessert place

Monday, 31 July 2017

Kenyans now and Kenyans always.

Kenyans now and always…

We need to know... 

The battles to fight… 
And the battles that are not ours
The issues to confront… 
And the issues to be lull about
The hopes to place on others… 
The hopes to never peg on human shoulders
The tears to cry in earnest lament… 
The tears to let go and stay calm
The joys to share with an attitude of care… 
And those to keep to self in humility
The achievements to celebrate… 
And those realised as our deserved rights
The failures to demand explanations on… 
And the failures to universally embrace
The unreality to seek to correct… 
And the realities to face head on
The beauty of our diversities to celebrate…
And the artistry of our uniqueness to espouse
The freedom to pursue wholeheartedly… 
And the ensnaring of freedom to shun
The true peace to preach everyday… 
The fake peace to dissuade anytime
The times to go down on our knees and pray… 
and the times to stay on our feet in licit resilience
The love to practice as a one people one nation… 
And the love to forgo for it enslaves us
The justice to demand from the laws… 
And the laws to submit to for justice
The untruth to resolutely resist… 
And the truth to be ready to suffer for
The people worth dying for… 
And the people not worth fighting for
The spirit that defines us as Kenyans… 
And the spirit that skews us as a nation

...these we need to live

Sunday, 25 June 2017

Fare Thee Well Val Simpson

Premise: No one can ever underestimate the power of simple acts of kindness. I met Val Simpson when I was very new in the UK having travelled from my homeland Kenya and away from my family and friends. In her home I was not only made a warmly welcomed friend but was always treated as one of her own children. Val’s tender kindness and compassion has truly touched and impacted mine and many more lives including my family. These words are not a retelling of her story but a simple tribute to celebrate a life well lived.

Bye Val Simpson!

If I could, I would draw a mega picture on a town wall,
To artistically portray how nobly you lived your life;
For the memories of the many touched lives;
Do so beautifully cast a rainbow of your true generosity,
And so we celebrate a life well lived

If I could, I would write long verse?
To share how your life moments brought hope to many;
You did not just say it, but routinely cared for others
You held so many warmly in your heart in kindness,
And so we are thankful for moments well shared

If I could, I would sing a melodious song?
To voice out how your faith lyrically inspired many to hold on
For even when you faced the toughest, you dared not to give up
Hence many will keep strong to the end,
And so we will cherish the lessons well learnt

I would, if I could but just attempt to draw, write and sing
For so wide and deep is your legacy that defines you,
You’ve left an indelible mark of goodness on the young and the old
And shared your love at home and abroad
And so we will uphold your legacy of unconditional love

Time may not grant my request to keep going on and on,
But all that which you were and did for others nothing will ever squelch,
And truly what you made the world feel
Lives forever and no one can ever steal

Val we will forever cherish the life we shared with you
Your dazzling lively smile, ever filled with a caring grandeur,
Your motherly heart that that spelt the life art in solemn acuity

Like an ant you gathered a banquet for many to dine off you the kind aunt
So your actions will forever live,
And now as you rest in the solace of the angelic choir
Till life’s destiny dawns in the eternal heavens,
Fare thee well Val Simpson

Thursday, 4 February 2016

A Kind Act!

A kind act
Comes with a soothing weight
A kind act
The true overflow of a noble heart
A kind act
Ever lifting life to a new height
A kind act
Makes living a beautiful art
A kind act
Touches the pith of the soul
A kind act
Does cause a tear of joy
A kind act
The best way to charity impart
A kind act
The heedful fruit of a knight
A kind act
Everyone alive can take part

Newton G K -2015 work

Thursday, 31 December 2015

Year 2015 in 777 words

2015 you will remain a very significant year to my life and one of the years I will always cherish. Looking back warily brings so many things to mind and not all would be put in pen and paper. Some of the days have made the highlight of my 2015. Back in Feb we took a bold step with the youth group and went out to reach the community in an event dabbed LOVED2LOVE. It was not only a very cold day but also a very bold move to share God’s love with his people. We all enjoyed it and had lots of opportunities to serve and to learn.

The month of March saw me fulfil the customary requirements for marriage in the paying of the dowry for my betrothed. It is in the same month God miraculously healed my grandpa from his third stroke and I so clearly remember encouraging him while on his hospital bed and in much faith that he would live to be at our wedding and beyond; a prayer that God in his amazing grace fulfilled. There was so much that happened between March and the 15th of August. I saw the greatness of God, the commitment of my fiancĂ©, the love of the family and kindness of friends in so many ways in the wedding preparations and day.  

The 15th of August was the greatest day I have known so far; it is the day the girl of my dreams and I joyfully said ‘YES I DO’ to each in our nuptials. The splendour of God’s glory mingled with the festive love of family and friends filled our hearts and the atmosphere as we celebrated the wedding day. September brought the big QUESTION; when and how to get a Visa for Irene to be able to join me in the UK… And yes we serve a miracle working God for indeed in his right time the visa was granted and we were able to travel together. 14th of November was also a highlight day for it is then we celebrated the renewal of our vows with our wonderful friends in the UK. It was so humbling to be able to see our English friends dance the mugiithi (dance train) and be able to be part of our second wedding. December can never go without a mention for its busyness as well as its many festivities and we celebrate the love and hospitality of Rogers for hosting us for Christmas and many other friends for welcoming us. 

wedding day
December has also been a month of so much reflections, prayer and trusting God for mum’s healing as she has been in hospital for nearly half of the month. She has improved a great deal and today the last day of 2015 she managed to ask to be discharged from the hospital, though not yet it is a great step of faith for her. The list of stuff, whether work, personal or other is endless but not without a few major lessons.

Where there is faith there is a path however small and in courageous hope we must always pursue...

Hours, days, weeks, months & years pass us in haste yet not one act of love and kindness vanishes …

There is never a mistake in trusting the Author of life; he is always there with us no matter the ending …

We can choose to appreciate or ignore the chances we get in life but we have no choice in facing the consequences of our choices…

It is better to have more friends than funds and it is better to healthier to do more good than to eat more good food…

Suffering and pleasure are both parts of our life package but the former shapes our life better…
2015 would have had so many blank spaces were it not for my wife, my family, my friends and my Father being there for me.

As I look back I see so many indelible marks of your role and in my life all glowing with compassion and love. I want to send you a massive hug of gratitude and a big welcome to you to rejoin me in 2016 in the hope that I also have been significant to you.

I look forward to 2016 with even more hope and faith. I pray that my dreams, my desires, my thoughts, my intentions, my words and deeds will all bring glory to the King of kings.

Whatever you do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks through Him to God the Father. (Col 3:17)

Renewal of vows
Colin and Jan our lovely UK family

wedding day 
Ngai aheyo Ugocii
Mungu apewe Sifa
To God be the Glory

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

A Noble Friend!

A Noble Friend!
I saw your love gently fall
Onto my scarred heart it called
The candid love had sweetly dawned
Like a celestial beam of elegant light
The serene rays of affection
Felt like a healing balm to my being
Taking away all the dump darkness
That reigned from deep within
You made me feel in the buff
In front of your glorious flare
I felt the fine comfort breeze
Within love’s vulnerability
For though I had vowed
Never to entrust my heart to anyone
YOU were not in that class
YOU were truly not just an anyone

When your words spoke to my soul
In such sincere tranquillity
All the locks that gird my heart
Sprang wide open in triumphing
The freezing apathetic feelings
Of doubt fear and regret;
Started to melt down like ice
Before your pure sunshine glare of affection

Like a due flower
The heart bud sublimely opened
And there my life blossomed
In the unique splendid allure of glee
Within your blissful cuddle
I was overwhelmed by your love
My entire being gladly emerged
From the cocoon like a due butterfly

My mouth couldn't help
But affirm that you were the one
You were the one I'd ever quest
And with whom the love route to amble
And as my avid eyes gazed in delight
I felt the soul’s resonant rhythm of you
The hearts were in apt tune
For so asserted your heavenly smile

So has become life a glorious odyssey
Every second of us to carefully cherish
Our hearts we've made a true home
For each other in all times to embrace
While the one who authored love
Forever envelopes us with his joy
His incense of forgiveness
Always hovers to salve us in the life frays
© Newton Gatambia Kibiringi