Thursday, 1 March 2018

Just as you was Billy, we bid you goodbye

A simple tribute from a simple man to the preacher man who lived and served faithfully within his time on earth. A man who heard, knew, believed, received, lived and fulfilled his call.

Just as you was Billy, we bid you goodbye!

Just as you was Billy
A young man you did honestly hear a call
And did say ‘Just as I am… I come, I come’
While you humbly received the amazing grace
Just as you was Billy, you heard and went

Just as you was Billy
Rather tall and once amongst those of the fall
The saving grace had to your life made a love call
And with all your life you answered the Lord’s call
First for him and for many more that you went on to call
With great passion you shared the Lord’s Love call
With all the men and women from all corners

Just as you was Billy
Yes Billy; the gracious man you lived and live on
Hundreds of millions just as they were you called
Prisoners and free you made this call
Those with and without you made this call
All colours and all ethnicities you never built a wall
For yours was a call to share God’s love for all
You taught us that we are all LOVED TO LOVE

Just as you was Billy
You reminded all, men and women, old and young
Leaders and subjects, rich and poor
Just as they were, they were welcome in this eternal call
Though you shared residence with even presidents
Still you knew earth wasn’t your true residence
And for you longed to be in the true home
And thus home you have gone to be with Jesus
Though missed deeply for you impacted deeply
The mixture of sorrow and joy fills the globe
Just as you was Billy many lives you did touch
Just as you was Billy
You saw all God’s people as God sees them
Now you see them with the best ever view
Rest in his presence Billy
Rest till the millions of your faithfully sown seeds are harvested
Rest as the crown of faithfulness rests square on your head
Just as you was Billy, we bid you goodbye
Just as you was Billy

 from the Lord's servant, Newton Kibiringi

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