Friday, 17 April 2015

The rife surging for life!

The rife surging for life!
The terrain of forgiveness is rough
The attitude that drives it is solid love
The road of forgiveness if tough
The spirit that kindles it is mercy
The seeds of forgiveness are biting
The fruit of forgiveness is freeing
The journey of forgiveness is wearying
The destination of forgiveness refreshes
The river of forgiveness is tumultuous 
The shores of forgiveness are serene
The price of forgiveness is onerous 
The prize of forgiveness is life

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

The Garissa Attack!

The cloud of sorrow hovered over Kenya
As poor lives were drowned away in agony
Death like gale had bashed into their life doors
Early in the morning the dawn saw a mourn
There was no chance to scream to safety
There were no ears to hear their cry
The ears present wanted to hear them recite
A creed they knew not nor could ever rely

See the villains were armed to their teeth
Pushing innocent souls to a grisly apex
The innocent beings facing a brutal wrath
Tears of pain flowing as their bodies were tore
Witnessing the forced baptism in their own blood
Not at the teeth of animals but them of humanity
Whatever became of the kindness of mankind?
How would man slay man in such lurid horror?

The cloud of sorrow still hovers over Kenya
Still their blood continues to cry
Still their horrid agony continues to wail
Still! as their kin and buddies we them bemoan
The scars and wounds who will truly nurse
So sad that once gone there is never return
To the heavens we gaze in hope for justice’ reign
To the Almighty we long for the truth’s rain

Though shuttered be dreams and hopes they bore
Though unexpected and unexplained gaps they've left
Though hard it is to repay the undeserved injustice
Them we must never their martyrdom forget
Each of them we must honour name and remember
With many hearts so heavy we heave them to Christ
He the risen King will soothe us in clemency
The cloud of sorrow still hovers over Kenya

© Newton G Kibiringi