Sunday, 28 December 2014

Post modern Juggles!

So stretched has become life's scope
And so narrowed any honest concern
Stressed have become the natural muscles
So loud is the solemn atypical intonation
Widening is the ocean of information
A sheet thin is now our concentration 
Exposure to so vast communication
Sucking life off her genuine affection
Myriads of stuff demanding consideration
Bereft of payment for details' attention
All seeking for the instant satisfaction 
No room for examination or reflection 
Hit and run is our age's obsession
Discernment no longer our intention
Burring deep our treasured foundation
Mere affirmation has become our seduction
Delving into every bandwagon of conversation
Never wary of their initiation or conclusion

N G Kibiringi 2014

Friday, 19 December 2014

I'm A Lover Of Depth!

I love to look beyond the face's gaze
And capture the emotions’ whiz
I love to peruse beneath the expression
And interact with the soul’s motivation
I love to test the water's depth
And resonate with its current’s depths
I love to read within and between the lines
And probe the writer’s intention
I love to seat and listen to the beat silence
And celebrate the fragrance of solitude
I love to engage things a bit further
To caption the reality of honest living

I love to wrestle the details beneath
And unpack the glare of truth
I love to peep behind the scenes
And connect the pieces of the untold
I love to visit the well of people’s words
To commune with their inner being
I love to assay the root of one’s deeds
To caption the attitude of their ways
I love to hold relationships firmly and longer
To experience the joy of love’s intimacy 
I love to engage things a bit further
To caption the reality of honest living

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Who Poisoned Humanity?

Premise: Mourning the Peshwar School Bombing victims and families is not easy at all. The sorrow is deep and it just shows how depraved humanity is.

Who Poisoned Humanity?

Why so much brutality
Like the objects of hell
Men swimming in evil’s well
Souls deprived of morality
Worse than even a timed bomb
What has become of humanity?
Who will change our course?

Why so much brutality
From economic malfeasance
To social animosity
From physical exploitation
To spiritual contumacy
What has become of humanity?
Will justice ambit the culprits?

Why so much brutality
The storms of terror
Rising from all ends of the world
Innocent lives harrowed
Wounds and scars cry out loud
What has become of humanity?
Someone must wipe these tears

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

The Devout!

How faithful will be our sole contribution
When our time on earth comes to extinction
With every please of possessions
With every glimpse to education
With every embrace of religions
With every praise to civilisation
With every leisure of professions
With every treasure to position
With every ligature of relations
With every applause to seclusion
Comes in many deep questions
Tied within countless expectations
Of how to balance life’s equation
How to make faithful confessions
Clowning them with kind actions
For we are not alone in this ocean
Up above us dwells the author of creation
Beside us is the vast beauty in creation
How devoted will be our sole contribution
When our time on earth comes to extinction

Saturday, 6 December 2014

The Society!

The society
She is a fertile land
From her belly seeds freely sprout
Life begetters and life devourers
Altogether prowl
In the society

The society
She is a bulging hatchery
Birthing so wide a variety
Vultures and doves
Soaring en masse
In the society  

The society
She lays like an ocean vast
In her creatures daily zoom
Both of safety and of threat
Among each other they cruise
In the society

The society
Her fabric big and thick
Yarns firmly and skein knit
Some salubrious others ruinous
To each other are all weaved
In the society

The society
She’s a basket full
Items uniquely diverse
Both heinous and virtuous
With each other all wily mash
In the society

N G Kibiringi 2014

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Him Alone our Hope!

In the eyes of our Father
We are beheld as family members
In the arms of our Father
We are held within joyous comfort
In the ears of our Father
Our cry is never alien
In the heart of Our Father
We are enveloped by grace divine
In the house of our Father 
Not even one soul is unwelcome
In the presence of our Father
There is life’s heavenly haven
In him alone our Lord
Our hope is indeed secure
In the Love so true and safe
Lord enable us to ever belong

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

May It Might Appear!

May it might appear to be times it never will
When the wrong way is more common
The right way may appear weird
Where hatred is the order of the day
Loving sincerely may appear misplaced
When the liars have more followers
Those walking in truth may appear inapt
Where greed is esteemed as a way of life
Giving generously may seem like conning
When sexual immorality is openly publicized
Choosing chastity may seem so archaic
When readiness for vengeance is a life pillar
The hope for forgiveness may seem ambivalent
Where fulfilling evil lust has a lasting say
The reality of austerity may seem anomalous
 May it might appear to be times it never will
Virtue may appear to rust yet never will be valueless
Vice may appear appealing yet never will reap right

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Heko Our Freedom Fighters!

We honor you our freedom fighters
Heko Our Freedom FightersFor into the dark forest you ventured in courage
Inside the deadly forest fought in bravely
Never giving up the tormenting challenge
With all your lives you sought victory
A victory not for self
But for the entire nation
Heko our freedom fighters
We celebrate you in hope
Away from your comforts was a true sacrifice
Away from your families you paid the price
You won the nation’s freedom back to her
With your blood and sweat
A liberated nation was born
In such great pain you won the prize of freedom
A victory not for self but for the entire nation
Heko our freedom fighters
We celebrate you in hope

Colonialism so harrowing an enemy you fought
In much painful struggle you brought it to an end
You were wounded without losing heart
Your blood was shed
Still your passion could never be killed
Your lives were taken away
For the purchase of a better future
A victory not for self but for the entire nation
Heko our freedom fighters
We celebrate you in hope

You never gave up the fight to shape our today
To you our hearts and hats go out in great honour
As we take a sincere bow of appreciation to our heroes
The heroes who gave their all
For all Kenyans
After all their fight and struggle
We all must so humbly cherish
A victory not for self but for the entire nation
Heko our freedom fighters
We celebrate you in hope

Before you many of our faces remain ashamed
For the many times we've let you down in our ways
For so long we have allowed poverty to reign
The many times we have seen others in the tribal eye
For so long the monster of greed
We have deliberately failed to slay
The many times corruption has been free in our house to stay
The many times our resources we have failed to share
Still we must say heko our freedom fighters
We celebrate you in hope

In your legacy and baton sired in blood
Our assignment is there to always stay
The cry for truth, justice and equality
Lingers so loud upon our ears
We cannot faithfully claim to honour
Our heroes till the hour we pursue
A victory not for self but for the entire nation
Heko our freedom fighters
We celebrate you in hope

  Heko (Swahili for hail)

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Come In! Come In and Dine!

Come In! Come In and Dine!

See the wondrous cross 
Glorious in its gracious gaze
Hear the merciful voice
Calling the prodigals home
There is hope indestructible; 
Within the Saviours' embrace 
Come and join, come and dine

Watch the precious blood
Break the chains of torment
Hear the faithful saints
Glorifying the eternal King 
There is joy indescribable; 
Enveloping the redeemed souls 
Come and join, come and dine

© Newton G K 2014

Sweet Love!

Sweet Love!
A delicious taste to my soul
To see your mouth open
And shower me with sweet lyrics
Of the cool tranquil words
Of love in soothing liveliness
Sweeter than the best of music
Such love only springs
From a fervent heart

A fine fragrance to my soul
Watching your arms fancifully open
And cuddle me in your firm embrace
Within the so comforting grip
Of love in true acceptance
Warmer than the best of wool
Such love only anchors
On a heart so true

A beatific symphony to my soul
To watch your eyes amiably open
And let go the luscious tears of joy
Of the so contented embellish
Of love in honest fullness
Sweet as the adorous white lilies
Such love only springs
From the designer of life

© Newton G K 2014

Sunday, 20 July 2014

Loved 2 Love!

Not from my human means I delight
For then I would be in mean bravado
Not from wealth and health I'm knight
For even my breath is a free gift in affection
Not from my devotion to faith I live
For all my hope is anchored in him
Not from I is my passion drawn
From him who reigns on high I bear fruit
Not from my soul is this love sired
Only for he who is Love shares of his fountain
Not to be loved that I do love
In his grace and mercy I'm truly loved
Not by the strength beneath my fists I rise
Off his kindness I’ll see the celestial feast

Newton G K 2014

Friday, 6 June 2014

The Glamour - A Sonnet!

The glamour of a journey of darlings
The souls soar in the lilt of dulcet kindle
For this must be the long endurance’ fairings
We must've unravelled the finest riddle
Off the sweet heavens this must've been hewn
Our love has knit us to a cool joyous biddle
Like the stars we dazzle as beauty sewn
In deep love let our hearts ever cuddle
Our lips are airily tuned and wet
The rhythm of our song only we can handle
How they make the appetite whet
The melodies so august see our faces ruddle
For these delectations will ne'er dwindle
Our flesh will soon be avowed to fondle

© N G K 2014

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Make Sense of the Essence!

Where is;
What is our true worth?
What holds us intact?
What keeps our heads up?
What fuels our soul?
What feeds our passion?
What ignites our actions?
What quenches our longings?
What steers our motivation?
What spurs our daily quest?
What stirs our hearts?
What aghast our souls?
What essences our presence?
Is it berthed on?
The fruit of our reproduction
The reap of our endeavour
The circle of our relations
On the inherent worth of birth
The greed of our flesh
The element of our consumption
The tide of earthly opulence
The itching for attention
The yen for recognition
The character in our conviction
The fulfilment of our commission
The essence by the transcendence
For from such comes either;
Life’s ghastly frustration or;
Life’s thrilling contentment

Newton G K 2014

Saturday, 24 May 2014

Mama Africa Waits!

The African Mother longs to see her burden lifted off her back
She so faithfully brings up her sons and daughters in deep hope
Wherever, whenever, whatever
she hopes beyond all odds
She longs for the day the dust will settle and let her enjoy her toil
See hers eyes longingly watching
Hear her ears patiently listening
Feel her heart unyieldingly yearning
Will her sons and daughters make a difference?
Will they meet the expectations of her heavy heart?
Mama Africa will one day smile above her veil of struggle

Thursday, 22 May 2014

Guide Me Lord!

Keep my eyes wide open Lord
That I may be able to see your ways
Keep my ears continually open Lord
That I may be able to hear your voice
Keep my spirit ever alert Lord
That I may be able to discern your will
Keep my soul awakened Lord
That I may continue to yearn for you
Keep my heart guarded Lord
That I will not be devoured by the evil one
Keep me fully armed in you Lord
That I will duel the wiles of the devil

N J G K 2014

Sunday, 11 May 2014

Mothers Ever Wise And Dandy!

Mothers in love wander
See them render in tender
See them ponder in fonder
See them wander to binder
Who would be more kinder
To beat their love I wonder
Such a homely grandeur
Time spent in their gander
Mothers ever wise and dandy

Newton G K 2014

The Unmerited Gift Of Love Divine!

Grace his unmerited gift 
Grace his unmerited gift of Love sired life

Grace and not my pace
Grace and not my pace got me to his place
Grace and not my race
Grace and not my race grant me salvation
Grace and not my chase
Grace and not my chase offered me deliverance
Grace and not my poise
Grace and not my poise gave me eternal joy
Grace and not my voice
Grace and not my voice reaps my soul rejoice
Grace and not my endurance
Grace and not my endurance grant me true peace
Grace and not my essence
Grace and not my essence soars me in eminence
Grace and not my guise
Grace and not my guise will I his presence suffice

Grace his unmerited gift 
Grace his unmerited gift of Love divine sired life

Newton G Kibiringi 

The Clock Is Ticking!

My yesterday is gone
My yesterday is out of hand I’m older
Of yesterday I cannot reverse
My today is on
My today is at hand I should be bold
Of today I must sing the verse
My tomorrow is gold
My tomorrow is at heart I must behold
Of tomorrow I can tune the verse
Newton G Kibiringi