Tuesday, 28 January 2014

The Heart's Dilemma!

 The Heart's Dilemma!

Which way my always beating heart
Which way will I walk you my invaluable treasure
For in the stagnated state you find no leisure

Will I hide you in the total recluse enclosure
That none might in you enjoy any pleasure
There in you will die an unutilised treasure

Or will I free you to in love take the living venture
That all might in your brokenness find a kind shelter
Then you will glow and grow in life's full stature

Which way my ever quivering heart
Which way will I walk you my dear gem
For in the stalemate you find no leisure

Newton G Kibiringi 2014


Culture begets that which;
Is merely fashionable
Holy Spirit begets that which;
Is rightly function able

Nature begets that which;
Is certainly mortal
Supernatural begets that which;
Is indisputably immortal

Nature offers that which;
Is in the end perishable
Supernatural guarantees;
The ultimately eternal

The physical world offers that;
Which withers and dies
The Spirit world;
Withers not nor wears out

The worldly path ends
In the confines of itself
The path eternal
Firmly anchors on the heavenly

Friday, 10 January 2014

Be Like the Rose!

Be like the rose!

Be like the rose
Give forth that which soothes
Every true seeker’s eye and heart
Like the rose flower be your reputation
Bear a magnanimous glow of tenderness
For such will be others’
For their admiration and picking
And yours’ the privilege so great
When the season so allows

Be like the rose
Cling to that which prickles
Every false seeker’s hand and heart
Like the rose thorns be your character
Bear the unchangeable star of righteousness
For that must be your conviction
To govern the principals within
And others to serve faithfully
In and out of season keep the thorns

Newton G K 2014

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

The Almighty!

The Almighty!

God is not a product of our thoughts;
We can never alter his existence by our thinking
He is the Creator of the thinker and the thoughts
 And in both he exists to sustain for His glory
May our thinking be all done to the glory of his name

God is not a product of human reason;
We can never succeed in trying to to reason him out of existence
He is the designer of the reasoner and all his reasoning
 Both reasoning and the reasoner are content only in Him
May he enable us to to know He is the reason behind our existence

God is not a product of scientific experiments
We can never scientifically claim his inexistent
He is the Architect of the scientists and all they pride in analysing
In humility and reality science and scientists glimpse His majesty 
May our growth of knowledge and wisdom find favour
In Him the true source of our being

God is not a product of the earth and nor its creatures;
We can never use atheistic or natural parameters to
to argue against his existence
He is the Author of both the natural and the supernatural  
The natures' transcience and the the  supernatures'
transcendence manifest His great works

Newton G Kibiringi 2014

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

At the Cross Roads!

The tough mountain of forgiveness
Seems too steep to climb at all to all
Who have been wrongfully hurt
Yet at the peak of such pursuit
Awaits a glorious fragrance of joy
Accompanied by a breeze of freedom
That overwhelms the forgiving heart
To a propitious hope

The bumpy pit of vengeance
Seems so inviting for quick dumping of all
Who have wrongfully hurt us
Yet at the bottom of such pursuit
Awaits a gruesome glare of sorrow
Entwined with a confining bitterness
That consumes the unforgiving heart
To a luckless despair

Newton G Kibiringi 2014

Rise Above The Falls!

Failure and mistakes are part
And parcel of our daily life
Though they times puzzle us
How we deal with them
Is indeed a key component
In choosing how to  complete
The life's jigsaw puzzle

When failure and mistake happen
Times we'll hide this scar piece
Of the jigsaw in fear and self denial
And opt for an incomplete life
Filled with disquiet and dismay
Putting our own destiny and peace
To chains of ignorance by choice

When failure and mistake happen
Times we will in humbleness of heart
And the courage of character
Face the truth and reality head on
Though the experience be so tearful
We gain the piece plus the lessons
And complete the jigsaw in peace

Failure and mistakes are part
And parcel of our daily life
They are life prunes we must accept
Though they often break our core
They always leave us wiser than before
Great wisdom is in the core of the how
We deal with them when us they befall

Newton G Kibiringi 2014