Thursday, 31 December 2015

Year 2015 in 777 words

2015 you will remain a very significant year to my life and one of the years I will always cherish. Looking back warily brings so many things to mind and not all would be put in pen and paper. Some of the days have made the highlight of my 2015. Back in Feb we took a bold step with the youth group and went out to reach the community in an event dabbed LOVED2LOVE. It was not only a very cold day but also a very bold move to share God’s love with his people. We all enjoyed it and had lots of opportunities to serve and to learn.

The month of March saw me fulfil the customary requirements for marriage in the paying of the dowry for my betrothed. It is in the same month God miraculously healed my grandpa from his third stroke and I so clearly remember encouraging him while on his hospital bed and in much faith that he would live to be at our wedding and beyond; a prayer that God in his amazing grace fulfilled. There was so much that happened between March and the 15th of August. I saw the greatness of God, the commitment of my fiancĂ©, the love of the family and kindness of friends in so many ways in the wedding preparations and day.  

The 15th of August was the greatest day I have known so far; it is the day the girl of my dreams and I joyfully said ‘YES I DO’ to each in our nuptials. The splendour of God’s glory mingled with the festive love of family and friends filled our hearts and the atmosphere as we celebrated the wedding day. September brought the big QUESTION; when and how to get a Visa for Irene to be able to join me in the UK… And yes we serve a miracle working God for indeed in his right time the visa was granted and we were able to travel together. 14th of November was also a highlight day for it is then we celebrated the renewal of our vows with our wonderful friends in the UK. It was so humbling to be able to see our English friends dance the mugiithi (dance train) and be able to be part of our second wedding. December can never go without a mention for its busyness as well as its many festivities and we celebrate the love and hospitality of Rogers for hosting us for Christmas and many other friends for welcoming us. 

wedding day
December has also been a month of so much reflections, prayer and trusting God for mum’s healing as she has been in hospital for nearly half of the month. She has improved a great deal and today the last day of 2015 she managed to ask to be discharged from the hospital, though not yet it is a great step of faith for her. The list of stuff, whether work, personal or other is endless but not without a few major lessons.

Where there is faith there is a path however small and in courageous hope we must always pursue...

Hours, days, weeks, months & years pass us in haste yet not one act of love and kindness vanishes …

There is never a mistake in trusting the Author of life; he is always there with us no matter the ending …

We can choose to appreciate or ignore the chances we get in life but we have no choice in facing the consequences of our choices…

It is better to have more friends than funds and it is better to healthier to do more good than to eat more good food…

Suffering and pleasure are both parts of our life package but the former shapes our life better…
2015 would have had so many blank spaces were it not for my wife, my family, my friends and my Father being there for me.

As I look back I see so many indelible marks of your role and in my life all glowing with compassion and love. I want to send you a massive hug of gratitude and a big welcome to you to rejoin me in 2016 in the hope that I also have been significant to you.

I look forward to 2016 with even more hope and faith. I pray that my dreams, my desires, my thoughts, my intentions, my words and deeds will all bring glory to the King of kings.

Whatever you do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks through Him to God the Father. (Col 3:17)

Renewal of vows
Colin and Jan our lovely UK family

wedding day 
Ngai aheyo Ugocii
Mungu apewe Sifa
To God be the Glory

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

A Noble Friend!

A Noble Friend!
I saw your love gently fall
Onto my scarred heart it called
The candid love had sweetly dawned
Like a celestial beam of elegant light
The serene rays of affection
Felt like a healing balm to my being
Taking away all the dump darkness
That reigned from deep within
You made me feel in the buff
In front of your glorious flare
I felt the fine comfort breeze
Within love’s vulnerability
For though I had vowed
Never to entrust my heart to anyone
YOU were not in that class
YOU were truly not just an anyone

When your words spoke to my soul
In such sincere tranquillity
All the locks that gird my heart
Sprang wide open in triumphing
The freezing apathetic feelings
Of doubt fear and regret;
Started to melt down like ice
Before your pure sunshine glare of affection

Like a due flower
The heart bud sublimely opened
And there my life blossomed
In the unique splendid allure of glee
Within your blissful cuddle
I was overwhelmed by your love
My entire being gladly emerged
From the cocoon like a due butterfly

My mouth couldn't help
But affirm that you were the one
You were the one I'd ever quest
And with whom the love route to amble
And as my avid eyes gazed in delight
I felt the soul’s resonant rhythm of you
The hearts were in apt tune
For so asserted your heavenly smile

So has become life a glorious odyssey
Every second of us to carefully cherish
Our hearts we've made a true home
For each other in all times to embrace
While the one who authored love
Forever envelopes us with his joy
His incense of forgiveness
Always hovers to salve us in the life frays
© Newton Gatambia Kibiringi

Friday, 17 July 2015

Looking back, Imagining the future!

Exactly a year ago today I went down to my knees in my then usual quiet prayer spot in my small room in Bury. There we had a lengthy time of reflection and conversation with my Heavenly Father. I had just travelled back the previous evening from Peterborough where I had been offered a Youth Minister position with the Werrington Parish Church. I was so delighted for the Lord had answered my prayers and those of my employer to be. My joy was not without a deep feeling of anxiety for I knew there would be a big transition in waiting. On one hand was the parting with the amazing people of Bury (my first ever British home and friends for 3 years) and on the other hand was the eagerness of joining the really awesome and enthusiastic people of Peterborough. Joining the people of Werrington for the Holiday Club 2014 and being able to stay with the so kind Colin and Jan was a thing that made a Mega positive impact to my transition especially when I stood at the front of the hall and got 'pied.' The height of my emotional transition however, happened when I stood in front of the Seedfield Family to bid them farewell... They say African men don't cry and so I had to shed my tears ensuring that I wasn’t crying.

There were many boxes to be ticked and many hurdles to be jumped before the job was to start and I humbly sought the Lord to see me through them all. I had travel to Kenya and propose to the most amazing girl I’ve ever known, I had to go and apply for a visa... and the list goes on and on. God was and still is faithful for by his amazing grace I was able to start my new job in September. The shoes I was to fit in felt really big but I was and still I’m confident that it is possible only with the help of the Lord and his people. It has been a year of a lot at the Lord's service and equally much other busyness all of which I remain thankful for. The youth work and the entire life experience at Peterborough continues to be tremendously awesome and I thank the Lord for every single interactions, conversations, walks, talks, fishing, fun, food and fellowships we continue to share. The support, the love, the prayers, the understanding and the acceptance has been like a sweet cake to me and the presence of passionate volunteers & superb young people has always formed the icing.

This first year in Werrington, Peterborough has been mainly one of learning the place, the people and the task plus laying a foundation and I now know how much and big the potential is for even greater things with the help of the Lord. It has not just been all smooth and fine going for there has been challenging times too. Having to combine work, distance learning and distance courting as well as wedding planning hasn't been the easiest of things. There are moments though rare, when fatigue has been written all over my face and times when I’ve felt like my body is being dragged along by my other self.  Despite the normal fatigue and busyness it has been a fruitful year and one worth celebrating. I'm really glad that this far the Lord has transformed and sustained me. It has taken a God loving and caring people for me to be able to keep standing, it has taken a godly church to be so well supported, a true family to understand my times long absences and honestly a special and a godly girl to be truly in love with me to cherish and support each other though many miles apart. The list is long and it can only get longer of the many people whose input in my life over last year and indeed all my close to four years of mission work sum up what I have been able to achieve and the person who I have become in the Lord’s army.

There is so much in store and the Lord will lead us through it all here in Werrington. When I look back to this day a year ago I remain so humbled and I thank the Lord for his gracious providence. I rejoice for his many blessings and for the many people I have met and we have become great friends. I count it such a big blessing to serve him here in Werrington. When I look ahead to the years coming I'm filled with hope and I trust God for his everlasting promises never fail. I believe there will be even more growth and glory ahead. I believe God has called me to serve him amongst his people and even so has he called me with my soon to be family life with Irene. His love for the young people is what I have been communicating, sharing, and living and that shall I continue to do till he is known to the ends of the other. Join me in knowing him, sharing him and living him just as our resolve is here in Werrington Parish Church.

I wish you God’s Shalom over the summer holiday and beyond,
With much love;
Newton Gatambia Kibiringi

Youth Minister @ WPC

Monday, 8 June 2015

A Perpetual Journey!

A Perpetual Journey! 

I long to hear you all the time
To be near you and within you
Till we’re blue in the face
I long to be able to listen 
To your absence and to your silence
To feel the resonance 
Of the deep joy of our true love
I long to be able to read your book 
From both the cover
And in between its lines
To be able to tell who you are
Where you are and how you are 
Every moment of this journey of oneness
To be aware of your case
By just looking at your face
To see the core of your soul
While at each other we serenely gaze
I long to know your heart's depth
To know your fears and your delights
To know all of you is my plain desire
For truly I want to love all of you
To embrace your fineness and flaws
That's why all my doors stand unlocked
For to you alone all of my heart I’ve unclad
That you may come in and know all of me
For true love is not a random thrust
Into one another’s life
But a perpetual journey 
Of endowing each other with honest trust
I want myself to be all yours, 
I want you to be all mine
I want the two of us to be one

Sunday, 24 May 2015

The British Values Dilemma!

This a simple reflection of the whole idea of British values. It is not a presentation of an analysis of a survey or a creed that I have put together but a poem to get us thinking honestly and critically. Some will agree with it others will differ with it but I'm also not setting it out as a public debate per say but rather an invitation for personal reflection of what the whole idea of values is to us. Is it an alarm that has been pressed so we run to the fire exit? or is it an emergency number we have dialled to call for the ambulance? or is it just an acknowledgement of a battle long lost? I leave it to you to judge but my hope is that it does not spell doom but rather inspire hope or pursuit for hope. 

The British Values Dilemma!

We watch you Breteyne with a tear in the eye
Ours and yours there is a stain of pains
And perhaps a song of the diminishing gains
You can see for yourself
What has become of you?
And what is left of you
What has today got in store for you?
Or perhaps what have you got in store for yourself?
The pieces of your former greatness
All scattered across the globe, where is their peace?
Or the giant piece that held you all as one
Do you still cling to your former glory?
Or are you scripting for yourself a better story?
Are your values to be that you once were?
Or is to be what you’ve now become Britain?

While the majority of yours are still COMMON
The bow still goes to the minority with WEALTH
What health has any fallen empire got?
For even her values become foreign to her own
It is not a blame game I intend to set in motion
Of who let the greatness slip away from Breteyne  
For just as men sleep their life to dearth and death
So does their odorous flower and power shrivel and wither
And all dwells beneath the shackles of past tails
To surrender to history whose phases decay
But lo Breteyne; wait a minute
Did you wisely sow the seeds of greatness you held?
Did you place them rightly beneath a fertile earth?
Or did you in fog your heritages opt for spoil?
This space we’re watching will tell a succinct tale
Are your values to be that you once were?
Or is to be what you've now become Britain?

Monday, 11 May 2015

Do Not Give Up!

Though the trail be so daunting
 Keep going forth my friend
 Do not give up or look back
 For there’s the divine light so bright
 To guide you across the veneer of pain
 There’s such a kind eternal friend
 To cross the dark woods with you
 There’s a fitting portion of living hope
 To keep you forging forth in faith
 There’s what rightly lies ahead
 For you to heal and assuage
 To help you break the chains of distress
 In courage slay the haunting of past
 To help hotfoot you to your berth unique
 Do not give up or look back
 Keep going forth my friend
 Though the trail be daunting
 The future is always fresh and pure

Friday, 17 April 2015

The rife surging for life!

The rife surging for life!
The terrain of forgiveness is rough
The attitude that drives it is solid love
The road of forgiveness if tough
The spirit that kindles it is mercy
The seeds of forgiveness are biting
The fruit of forgiveness is freeing
The journey of forgiveness is wearying
The destination of forgiveness refreshes
The river of forgiveness is tumultuous 
The shores of forgiveness are serene
The price of forgiveness is onerous 
The prize of forgiveness is life

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

The Garissa Attack!

The cloud of sorrow hovered over Kenya
As poor lives were drowned away in agony
Death like gale had bashed into their life doors
Early in the morning the dawn saw a mourn
There was no chance to scream to safety
There were no ears to hear their cry
The ears present wanted to hear them recite
A creed they knew not nor could ever rely

See the villains were armed to their teeth
Pushing innocent souls to a grisly apex
The innocent beings facing a brutal wrath
Tears of pain flowing as their bodies were tore
Witnessing the forced baptism in their own blood
Not at the teeth of animals but them of humanity
Whatever became of the kindness of mankind?
How would man slay man in such lurid horror?

The cloud of sorrow still hovers over Kenya
Still their blood continues to cry
Still their horrid agony continues to wail
Still! as their kin and buddies we them bemoan
The scars and wounds who will truly nurse
So sad that once gone there is never return
To the heavens we gaze in hope for justice’ reign
To the Almighty we long for the truth’s rain

Though shuttered be dreams and hopes they bore
Though unexpected and unexplained gaps they've left
Though hard it is to repay the undeserved injustice
Them we must never their martyrdom forget
Each of them we must honour name and remember
With many hearts so heavy we heave them to Christ
He the risen King will soothe us in clemency
The cloud of sorrow still hovers over Kenya

© Newton G Kibiringi

Sunday, 8 March 2015

An Ode to Woman!

You are a treasured anchor,
An anchor for society to in joy dock
Your strong back an entwining rope
Bent for your kin you’re a nock

Great soul shape and space
You earnestly fit lots in your life
Faithfully bearing the noble weight
Of nature’s honour of motherhood
With relentless passion
And kind determination

Be it all’s nature to thank you
All to love you and treasure you
For your care’s beauty flourishes life
Your kind words and deeds ennoble living

Your heart is a great well
Of sincere wellness
Wide and deep you’re a fountain of clemency
Ever overflowing with love and care

Within your warm arms
Of peace and nurture
You embrace and embellish
All of family in firmness

Within your precious womb
Awesomely forms and springs
The great mystery of human life
You are a treasured rock
A rock for society to joyfully dock

Saturday, 28 February 2015

The Whistle Blow!

What is going on world?

Often people like to say; ‘mind your own business...’ or who cares what is going to happen if you can’t change a thing? These and many other individualistic phrases are very common today yet haven’t managed to bend most African native maxims for community. I was brought up as a child of not only my family but also the village of my birth and it always mattered, and it still does today; what happens outside my unit self. Even here in the UK, an entirely different cultural context I cannot stop caring about my neighbour. This virtue is not only in my cultural upbringing but at the heart of the Christian faith I hold dear; it is the call to loving the neighbour as one loves themselves. There are a myriad of issues happening across the world, some very terrific; gearing us to the right direction yet others are so heart breaking and are pulling us back. Nowadays news have become like bugs seeing how easily they have found their way even to our mobile phones. We can literally tell what is happening in all the corners of the world at almost every second from the comfort of our seats. Perceptibly, with the wake of virtual living there has emerged so many ‘multiple issues self made gurus’ and I’m not attempting to be one of these ‘gurus’ but rather daring to speak about an issue of great concern.

The other morning I woke up with a deep feeling of disheartening in my heart reflecting on what I had read about a move by my Kenyan President. Under ‘the new global campaign to scale up the war on HIV and Aids among adolescents’, he launched the condoms for kids campaign.  This particular issue made me feel a deep sorrow, I do not know where nor how to start in my ranting and worse yet to whom I should direct it. Is it the parents who have failed in parenting their kids? Is it the kids usual I don’t care attitude on what their parents say? Or is it the failure of the institutions of learning to educate the young people on moral issues. Where is the problem? Shall I blame the government and its chief for going public to offer condoms instead of ‘condoming’ the root cause(s) of the increased adolescent sexual behaviour? Or shall I blame it on the decay in the entire moral fabric. I’m not ready to mind my own business in this one. I ask, what happens when we are faced with the dilemma between our grip on maintaining our spiritual or cultural stand on values and trying to fix the consequences of our inability to sustain such values that we still must hold dear?

Sex? Kids? and Condoms????? What relationship is there?

There is a question worth asking ourselves; what knowledge, understanding and perceptions do we have about sex. The reason I ask this question is because the answer builds us our premise about the whole issue of sexuality subsequently affecting our reaction to the condom for kids’ issue. Other factors such as the first sexual experience also influence on our reactions mainly because we often tend to see things as we are or as we have experienced them. I may take it as an obvious truth that there is nothing as fulfilling as when someone experiences things at the right time, the right place and for the right reasons. Nonetheless, for things to happen that way or close to; one would be required as we say in business vibe, ‘to hold all factors constant’. Equally for sex to be experienced and enjoyed as a fulfilling prize and as intimately as intended in creation there is a price to be paid and support to be offered by the caring and loving people despite our ever increasingly secularised world. Although we may not yet be within the finishing lap of the race to perfection, in faith and hope, there is within our soul statuses as seen in our desires, reflected in our character and communicated in our behaviours that which clearly indicates which direction we are heading in the light of such perfection. The marks of perfection may be defined differently by different societies and cultures but for those of the Christian faith Christ defines it and invites to live like him.

It is only in the light of such mark(s), whether defined by the society or within the practice of faith, that we can weigh the issue of sexuality avoiding much bias. The making of decisions or failure to make them by the parent, the government, the community or the adolescents does affect which way one navigates individually and in the long run as a society. There seems to be two significant issues that in my opinion seem imperfectly intertwined together like the strands of a rope waiting to be used to gallows our long preserved moral values. On one hand there is the increased practice of sex among underage kids, its consequences and the role of media in propagating this practise. On the other hand is the high level of the permissiveness by most of the society of the mass distributing of condoms to ‘cover’ the consequences of their behaviour or misbehaviour certainly. 

Though the claim that more kids are practising sex demands real statistical backing, the issue is of big concern and there is an urgent need to find out where the rains are beating us. Sex and the deep urge for sex is not a new phenomenon to humanity or to the animal kingdom however in both situations there is the right stage naturally or morally constructed and observed. Any assertion that the current times are comprised of a more sexually active teenage or adolescent age would definitely demand scientific proofs which if I’m not wrong indicate otherwise. However the issue at hand does bring to the limelight that there is more irresponsible, or ill informed practice of sex at very early stages of life than there has been before. Things get even trickier because unlike past there is the horror of more sexually transmitted diseases than before all of which are among the tokens freely albeit painfully available to the victims. I’m not sure that this is the most fitting illustration for human sexuality but anyway it may make sense to some that wanting sex so badly but is far from being ready or in need of the same.

Where is the roof leaking?

What might be some of the reasons why there is increased irresponsible or ill informed practice of sex at very early stages of life? I think we cannot just blame it on the urge for sex for this is obviously natural on normal occasions and it’s nothing new nor a preserve for any generation in time. The urge for sex however is a strong one and one that if not mastered or worse off if not understood has the potential to enslave many and blow anyone promiscuously out of proportion. The topic of sex is one that not many expressly address intergenerational especially in the African context, or if they dare to do it only goes as far as offering information rather than relevant lessons. For instance how much is learnt at homes, schools, and churches or within any societal gatherings about the same? I’m not talking about that which is basically offered through the education system but that which manages to rise above the pages of any book or go beyond the words of any instructor into its realisation in the real life. Given that we often get most of the life’s key information and lessons from our families, our friends and our faith; if in any case these life influencers sweep under the rug the issue of sex and sexuality it thus creates a very big awareness void. This void met by the strong urge for sex leaves them so exposed and with few options. They are left alone in a wild jungle to find or randomly discover information from other sources, which often like unfed vultures, are out to exploit them.

We, you and I; have in a big way failed as a society in abandoning them in the wild jungle where there are hardly any rules; no boundaries, no maps nor are there any sieves for the content that comes their way. It is a place full of mishmash of facts and myths about sexuality and this does not work to the advantage of any young person, in any case all it does is to multiply their vulnerability and risk. Without going into details there is so much content from their peers, the media; both mass and social, the films, music, the internet, the books… name them. Some helpful but most is junk. Daily this content is being shoved into the faces, minds, hearts and lives of so many unarmed young minds and it is what is shaping their world views. All this ends up being reflected in their lifestyles on a daily basis. Gone are the days a boy would have to risk physically going to ‘hunt’ for a girl at the danger of being found at the fence by the parents or being chased by the prospects dogs. Nowadays all ‘these games’ can be plotted and executed, without any fear of not only being stopped nor even spotted, using the technology often bought to the young people by the same parent who is ‘losing’ the game. The environment and the cultural context have totally changed and so has the diet consumed from them. A parent’s just saying yes or no to things without details or explanations of why not hasn’t done enough to neither win the game of parenting nor offer any help to the young person to win the battle towards rightly practising sex. This is a battle that the young people will not win alone and it is also one that if we watch them lose we will be drowning together with them.

We may at times let the kids touch the fire flame,
but only in folly can we cheer them jump into the  fire.
This leads us to the question we all need to start asking ourselves; whether we are advocating for the right sexual experiences within our culture and society, or we are moving towards being content and permissive of the so called ‘safe sex’ especially amongst the adolescents. Have we done all that can be humanly possible and the only remaining option is overwhelmingly issuing condoms to the kids? How do we feel about the issue of the mass distributing of condoms to the kids to help cover them from the raging storms of the consequences of their behaviour or misbehaviour certainly? I obviously I’m not dismissing the whole idea of condom for kids just yet, but I’m also not ready to openly make it appear to the kids that the gates are wide open for them to jump out. I believe the policy has it place in trying to ensure that those who practice sex are protect themselves from contracting HIV and AIDS but there is more important things that must be done to be regarded as accountable stewards to our young. Which side of our concern for the kids are we pushing harder, is it doing the best in our stewardship mandate by putting up better measures to ensure they only get to practice sex when it is right to do so or are we happy to leave them to their own tools by settling for safe sex.

Taking the right positions for the battle;

Having highlighted above the change in the nature of the playing field on which things are happening today there is the honest demand for a very well strategized team work among all the stakeholders of the lives of the adolescents. All parties have a role to play. How is the government fulfilling its role in coming up with relevant ways to strictly control the rightness of the content that young people are being exposed to daily. Have strict measures been put in place to control if not ban some of the media content to ensure it is not consumed by those below the age it is worthy of? The families, the teachers and the faithful friends also have a role to play; have they openly shared the truths and the myths about sex as well as the consequences of irresponsible sex? It must not remain a taboo for any senior members of the society to offer wise counsel about this giant in the room for when the storms beat us not one will be spared the weight of its consequences. For the relation based lessons to take their right place, the biggest drive must be true love and genuine compassion for our young ones anchored on the faith we profess and our desire to be responsible stewards of those we are responsible to. The approach of intimidations and threats not to practice sex as a tool for discipline does not have any much room in the current cultural context and it would be better to use an informed and dialogue way of parenting. Without an informed or even better a transformed heart and mind not even a hundred slashes or slaps can tame the urge for sex and there will still be damages to count. This is not just a call to be reactive to the situation that is slowly eating away our future as we watch but also one invites us towards proactive measures to safeguard those we love and are accountable to. It demands of us a thorough analysis of sex and age disaggregated data and genuine action on such recommendation as arising from such data.

I stand to be counted as one not in overwhelming support of the idea of giving condoms to kids but one who advocates for the ‘condoming’ or dealing with the issues that are daily making irresponsible sex look so easy and appealing. Most of the problems that have made the current context complex are not natural calamities but rather man-made and can therefore be worth waging a winning war against. I stand as an advocate for a revolutionised approach by the society in addressing this issue; towards an informed and responsible upbringing of the young people, towards a strictly controlled web environment where most of the young people get most of their data and spend most of their time. It is on the social media where these young people are most vulnerable; there they are groomed and misled and in the end lured for sexual abuse without the realisation of even their closest kin. Irresponsible sexual behaviour may not cause sudden death like terrorism does but the disillusioned scar it leaves in the souls of innocent lives can be worse especially if it arises in an environment characterised by an asymmetry of information. Giving condoms as a major way of fighting this battle is such a skewed hypothesis that assumes the main consequence of sex is HIV AIDS, furthermore, it is a very deep stereotypical assumption that the current generation of young people are beyond any moral remedy. I believe there are so many young people in this age group who if they knew the future implications of what this label that is being stuck on them would be so upset for the right reasons. What takes more courage, what even is more virtuous between explaining to a young person why and how to use condom and why not to engage in early sex?

Blow the whistle, do not seat back please;

It is not my routine to openly criticise the leadership of my nation but it is also not my nature to sit back when I can say something I consider helpful and urgent for not only in our current day affairs but one that matters even for our future. Reflecting on this issue in the light of its weightiness reminds me of the story of the humming bird that the late Prof. Wangari Maathai often shared and one that shaped her philosophy. She makes an invitation that is humble and so simple yet one of the greatest I’ve come across in life. She calls us to be like the hummingbird that with its little beak dared to put out the forest fire, you can watch the YouTube link above for more.  My attempt is not to offer a conclusive solution to the entire issue but to do the best that can in being a good steward by advocating for healthy dialogue towards right policies and living. I have not written this to offer a 1, 2, 3… ways to deal with the issue but all I want to start is constructive conversations that can help us face the issue at hand as a team. Please feel free to leave your thoughts in a comment…. Though I am aware that I can’t cut the ‘Mugumo’ tree with a razor blade perhaps I can dare if I dig into the soil and cut its roots.

Newton G K
Church Youth Worker