Monday, 19 August 2013

Get Off My Way Miss!

So cunningly n’ wistfully
  She flies into the house
Like a housefly
She hardly knocks for
She believes she belongs
Wherever she finds
 an open door she
does offer her usual dose

right into the reluctant body
she in haste lays her lavish eggs
n’ right from the start
I feel like executing her
Some days I manage to terminate
Her early enough others
I don’t make to terminate her
If she survives the killing she
Sets to destroy me or my passion

How randomly her eggs develop
Regardless of my fumble or fondle
Soon the eggs start to hatch while
Huh! Just how time flies as
I count n’ watch the hatching
To my surprise n’ downfall
The dusk is already peeping through
the window with very little
To show for the ending day

As all the eggs finish hatching
 I can feel the bitter stuffy stuff
Starting to stare at the
Stuck stark face sat on
The stiff n’ startled neck
It’s sad that the bitter stuffy stuff
Has to go down my throat

How I wish I didn't let her in
How I wish I eliminated her soon
 How I wish I destroyed the eggs

Now I’m drowning in bitter regret
Again for letting her be the better

Tomorrow I won’t open the door
For madam LAZINESS, I won’t let her
Like a housefly in my house,
If she sneaks in I won’t allow her
To lay her PROCASTINATION eggs in me
And if she manages to lay the eggs
I won’t leave them to hatch as I
Watch even at the ticking of my watch

Argh! This bitter idler I’ll endeavor to
Fight daily for if he is the better of us two
He will always leave me
Beaten and bitter,

Get off my way miss!

Newton J G K 2013.

Thursday, 15 August 2013

It's People

it's people
or do you want
to call them
it's people
it is them who;
plot evil,
it people still;
who are;
stolen from,
evil hit,

but its people too

and indeed people 
too are;
cared for,
listened to,

Just how many colors 
have we people got?

 It's people who
sow seeds,
It's people too who
harvest them,
its people who eat
the harvest.
So what?
Sow the right
seeds then!

Times we call
them man [Kind]
but they times turn
out to be
ma [Unkind]
Just what kind
of a person
are you man?

So what?
Sow the right
seeds then!

Newton J G K 2013.

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

The Heart!

So deeply hidden within,
Enclosed in your enclave within,
Why though;
Are you so far from reach?
Why though;
Are you so far from touch?
Even though;
You are near enough to break,
N' yet still;
Are near enough to be hurt,
Will you speak to me my heart?
If you were outside like;
The arm n' the leg are;
I would pinch you to awaken,
Would massage you to relaxing,
Would wash you to clean,
Would your torn tissues bandage,
All your wounds tenderly nurse,
Will you speak to me heart?
But wait!
I think I would still hide you,
I would hide you;
To protect your dignity n’ beauty,
To cover your shame n’ ugly spots,
To preserve your deep secrets,
To maintain your broken pieces as one,
For fear of your regretted past,
For the sake of the glowing visions,
If you were outside though;
Just how much I would;
Do for you or even against you,
Just how much I think;
I would sort you out, just!
Why though;
Are you so far from reach?
Why though;
Are you so far from touch?
Will you speak to me heart?
There must be a major reason,
For indeed:
My arms would hardly cope;
With your weight,
My dirty hands would, sadly;
Darken your shiny parts,
There would be more trouble,
May be the beautiful bits;
Would easily fade away,
May be the dreaded world;
Would steal your all as if not yet,
May be the violent world;
Would crash you as if not yet,
May be the careless world;
Would mockingly laugh at you,
Well I know much of you is;
Weak n’ wounded though not all,
You are n’ still remain;
The engine of my all anyway,
You are and still remain;
The root of my entire being;
Yet I can comprehend you least,
You need more than I offer you;
For your n' my sake;
I’ll try the Jesus blood.
Newton Gatambia 2013.

Saturday, 10 August 2013

Life's shape!

The endless questions of what is life?
  Always a mystery for so quick a mastery
Even to the masters of many
Mysteries of the mysterious
 World we live in;
The question remains mysteriously
Inexhaustibly fathomed

So I opt to ask not
what life is but rather it’s shape?

Is life short?
Is life shallow?
Is life narrow?

Oh yes! I think it is!
But wait! (I doubt) the war soldier will differ that
Even a single day in the battlefield to him like a decade
No I don’t think it is!
(Short shallow and narrow)


Is life long?
Is life deep?
Is life wide?

Oh yes! I think it is
But wait! (I doubt) a teenager in a dying bed will disagree
If he has had enough of it
No! I don’t think it is!
(Long deep and wide)

Still another mystery
Its seems to depend;
Depend on what though??

On so many things it seems to swing
On so many things it seems to float
Not once but daily it swings and floats on lots
Every time on many angles it’s displayed

On what one is looking for in it...
On what one is looking at in it...
On when one is looking at it ...
On how one is looking at it...
On whose eyes one is looking at it...
On the whos’ whats’ whens’ and hows’ it always swings
But the; who shapes it
To me matters most

I find it short, shallow n’ narrow yet
I find it also long, deep n’ wide

So how is life? I continue to ask
I think it goes on and on
Just like my questions about it does

If the question’s of its nature goes on and on
Then arises another mystery
I think life definitely
has to be longer  n' deeper than my question
about it's shape!!!!

I better jump into its eternity
I better remain in its eternal path forever
I better seek the ship that promises
Eternity for
I want to see life’s other side
I better stay in the Jesus’ ship
For then only shall I see where it leads

Newton J G K 2013.

Thursday, 8 August 2013


Premise: The world we live in has so many people who keep asking why the heaven there are so many troubles in the world and as they do so men of compassion know 

that that God has solved the problems by creating them at such a time. Come out of your comfort and ever complaining zone and do something however small for such will make a difference.

The gorgeous color of Compassion.
What a beautiful day out in the blossom
Of the spectacular sunshine
Step by step as I luxuriate in my usual
rambling beside the Clarence lido
I can hear an unusual noise from the geese
The unusual noise is so loud n’ uniform
quite persistent hence enticing me to listen keenly
to the amazing gaggle in their what seems
to me like a cry for some urgent intervention

As the noise persists on I can hardly just
‘Accept it and move on’ as they say in politics
I end up seating on the stone wall at one end of the lido
facing the gaggle’s cry as if in an attempt
 to goggle it n’ check what the matter is with them
with time and with the growing persistence in their noise
I’m now certain that the noise has more to it than
The mere celebration I always watch them make

I see them helplessly yawn in deep hunger
The mums’ dads n’ the goslings are indeed
In deep need for someone to feed them
And as I slowly draw out my camera to picture their cry
a sharp spark of shame strikes me
From deep within and
 So I quickly abandon my mission to take pictures
 Of the poor n’ hungry birds

I watch them jump up and down
The entire flock has now turned restless and
I still sat helpless n’ helping them less  
How can I possibly help them in their tens in numbers?
Slowly and surrendering I face the heavens as if
To request for the left-over of Moses’ manna from Him
Who dwells up in the highest
As I browse the sky for a miraculous solution
I find myself uttering a prayer
For the birds – there is just so much I can offer for now

Whilst still gazing at the sky in prayer I can hear
From behind where I’m sat some
Soft n’ slow well calculated footsteps approaching
 As the footsteps get closer I conclude my prayer
And in deep expectation I turn round as if to check out
For Moses with the manna from above

Here comes an old chap the age my grandpa
- who is nearly a century old now-
Slow but sure he continues to make his steps
 Towards the now entirely desperate gaggle
With his bag full of what seems to be bird food
As my now tearful yet joyful eyes stare at his kindness
The birds are already starting to rally near him reminding
me of the days of old in the Kiambu high dining hall at lunch time

he distributes the food to the gaggle with so much mastery
and fabulous tenderness to all as he smiles
at the now calm n’ beautiful flock
yes it seems they all know him and his love
for them and he too seems to know them so well
as I can hear his soft voice repeatedly saying
“Sorry I came a little bit late”
God bless the old man for his kind acts,
For like the sunshine and soft showers merge
To give birth to the beautiful rainbow
So the cry of the poor n’ hungry gaggle merge with
The benevolence of the old and caring man
To bring forth
     ‘The gorgeous colour of

N J G K 2013.

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Ridding The Greed!

Premise: Just to show us how dangerous a greedy man is to other men and the entire creation. 

the greedy men
  in greed they've agreed
with a grid to grind
the innocent good
who grapple in need indeed 
and their godsend goods
to gobble

to gratify their insatiable
greed they are always on the lead
as the poor n' innocent creeps in hunger
for just the basics;
the greedy gather to exploit
his needs and deeds
for their greed is indeed 
a grenade to those in dire need
a grave matter to them;
escorting them to the grave

like the toss of a coin
is the fate of the poor n' needy
in the hands of the greedy
at the increase of their greed
the entire creation mourns n' pleads
to its Almighty Author
for its piece n' peace
and for His slaying of the greedy
or at least his getting rid
of their insatiable greed

Newton J G K.

Monday, 5 August 2013

Where are the calves?

Premise: this piece is meant to stress the importance of effective parenting for any given society or nation.

Where are the calves?

The world owner’s voice had I followed
It landed me right outside the main cow shed
I knew there was work to do
I knew there was little time to waste too
He said that I was on a rescue mission
So i walked into the cowshed in haste

I could feel it’s almost tangible loneliness staring at me
There was hardly any movement or even any sign of life
I wondered in deep pain where the shed’s life had gone to
The life that had ever before lived in the key cow shed
The lively life of the jumpy, wise n’ healthy calves I longed to see
Oh dear, what happened to them? I shouted yet no one responded
Oh dear, where is the future of the amazing herd?

As tears rolled down my empty face in despair
I could see the calves’ mothers n’ fathers rested next to the kettle
Not even the grannies seemed bothered by the shed’s emptiness
That the calves were nowhere to be seen didn't bother them
As I walked around to look for any calves remaining within
I was so shocked to realize that
The very few within were lonely and frustrated
They too hardly considered the cow shed as home anymore
I shook my head as I wandered in wonder

I could see the remains of the torn old gates all over the shed
The old n’ rotting walls had all fallen apart
None of the parents seemed to had bothered to repair them
My tears kept on flowing in agony for the herd’s future
I no longer could stay inside the empty cow shed and
So I left for the bushes and the woods and everywhere

To look for the calves,
To look for the herds future,
To look for the lost life,
I keep wishing n' praying the parents would join me in the search
I will carry on with my mission to gather the vulnerable
I’ll try and rescue all I can
For that’s what big and loving brothers are for
 And as she always said;
My African grandma;
 “A herd without calves reaches not to the future.”

Newton J G K. 2013