Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Ridding The Greed!

Premise: Just to show us how dangerous a greedy man is to other men and the entire creation. 

the greedy men
  in greed they've agreed
with a grid to grind
the innocent good
who grapple in need indeed 
and their godsend goods
to gobble

to gratify their insatiable
greed they are always on the lead
as the poor n' innocent creeps in hunger
for just the basics;
the greedy gather to exploit
his needs and deeds
for their greed is indeed 
a grenade to those in dire need
a grave matter to them;
escorting them to the grave

like the toss of a coin
is the fate of the poor n' needy
in the hands of the greedy
at the increase of their greed
the entire creation mourns n' pleads
to its Almighty Author
for its piece n' peace
and for His slaying of the greedy
or at least his getting rid
of their insatiable greed

Newton J G K.

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