Monday, 29 April 2013

My Soul longs to worship you God.

From the nucleus of my life,
Where I am deeply knitted into one,
From the finest things under all heavens,
Where I source my ultimate Identity,
From the axis of my entire being,
Where the loudest silence dwells,
From the interior of my solitude,
where the brightest hope springs from,
From the innermost of my true self,
where emotions and feelings flow,
From the original map of my destiny,
Where my Creator's breath resonates,
From the root of all my energy and power,
Where I was inflamed with the special longing,
From the epitome of my Master's Image,
Where love, hope, peace and joy sparks,
By God's enabling power,
I shall love and worship the Lord my God,
I shall love my neighbor,
With all my soul I shall do it.

Newton John Gatambia.

Sunday, 28 April 2013

the rosy blossom...

A love journey that is in the past

For many days we were in a journey of two,
We had been walking through a story together, 
We had held our hearts and hands all along,
We were at the core of a thick forest,
The grassy path seemed to have reached a dead end,
Our eyes could not see the way forward,
Suddenly the rosy blossom started to run back,
I had nos single clue what had gone wrong,
Two prayers in my heart I whispered;
"that there would be another path,
that the rosy blossom would once tell me the story,"
Waited for seconds, minutes and hours - no answer,
Darkness set in slowly but surely,

I set off in a sprint following the rosy blossom,
two prayers in my heart miming,
"will the darkness pause for a while?
Will my feeble legs carry the heavy heart all the way?"
for seconds, minutes and hours - no signs,
Panting loudly my soul sank down,
Went down into my knees in disbelief,
tears rolling down my chicks in deep hurt,
felt like shouting out loud; "the rosy blossom"
Yes! I did indeed shout, with all my voice I did it,
I only heard harsh echoes of my own shouts,
the whole night all alone in the thick forest,
I longed for the one my heart had known.

I stared at the flower we ha carried all along,
In-front of my heart and eyes it slowly withered,
Half of its petals had already fallen off,
I helplessly watched its stalk coil round,
I had been holding it close to my heart all night long,
What a long sorrowful night it had been,
by dawn-break my two eyes were swollen,
I opened the book where our stories we wrote,
my tears had wet the entire story's writings,
Sadly all the writings has faded away,
I sat down and mourned as my hopes got drier and drier,
a hope string I had once held on was all gone,
the faith path appeared and I started leaving the forest.

I had not realized I was already inside the birds body,
flying to a far away land I now knew I was,
In the smoothness of the new path I felt a newness,
the rosy blossom appeared vividly across the screen,
not giving me the ever lovely attention I sighed,
Neither my words nor my smile was noticed,
I needed my piece back and so I humbly asked for it,
She had taken her peace away already when she had run back,
I insisted to be given back but she ignored me,
In anguish I started to walk away leaving it behind,
After a short distance I must get it back,
As I slowly turned back she threw my it towards me,
I so quickly reached to it before it slapped the ground.

Quickly and carefully fitting it back I started to walk away,
I regretted the wasted past as I celebrated the new path,
Carrying the many lessons with me I hoped she also did,
As I bid her goodbye my heart spoke two prayers,
"may she be found by her peace and piece in life ahead
that I too would find my true peace and piece in life,"
I felt a new smooth weight in my jacket's heart pocket,
Carefully reaching my pocket I drew out the smooth weight,
It was a brand new book and a brand new pen, 
I knew they were from the Author of my life story,
In gratitude I knelt down and prayed in faith for the story,
I believed it was time to write the story,
at His pace we continue to write and walk it to the end.

true and deep reflections,
By Newton Gatambia,

Monday, 22 April 2013

I have been to the Well of wells, I have drank of His water.

On a normal routine I walked to the well,
Overtaken by the physical thirst I longed for a drink,
In the flow of my thoughts I walked down the hill,
I met the Man who knew my all in all,
His face shining with the true light I felt a lift,
I was at the Well of wells he told me,
I felt my soul's mouth open in eternal thirst,

His light shining on my entirety I felt naked before the Truth,
Within him I read the lines of my entire life story,
Narrating it more plainly than I could, my mouth opened in surprise,
Even in total dismay I found the way to my knees in total surrender,
His mighty arm touching the feeble mine, my soul's thirst was quenched,
I have been to the Well of wells,
I have had a drink of the Water of Life, 

In the flow of His eternal water I became a new creation,
Completely gone was my soul's eternal thirst,
The weight of his precious grace and his pure joy gave me strength, 
Before Him all my chains and burdens were drawn away,
The smooth and soft breeze of true freedom and hope soothed my heart,
I have been to the Well of wells,
I have had a drink of the Water of Life, 

In total surrender I had given up all my old Identity,
My deeply held ethnic and world view biases were washed away,
Neither my stereotyped and prejudiced self stood anymore,
Nor did the old dirty and patched garment of the old remain,
In deep humility I bowed to the righteous King enjoying the new me,
I have been to the Well of wells,
I have had a drink of the Water of Life, 

Behold what a cleansing opportunity of all my transgressions and sins, 
Behold what a refreshing experience stepping into the journey of faith in hope,
Behold what a showering event as his grace was lavished onto me,
Behold what a quenching experience as His Spirit was in mercy poured onto me,
Behold what a baptism into His death and rising in new life,
I have been to the Well of wells,
I have had a drink of the Water of Life, 

And now I run to all my friends and family,
And now I run to all villages of the nation,
And now I run to all nations of the world,
And now like the Samaritan woman I invite them all to the Well,
To the Well of wells to drink the Water of life,
I have been to the Well of wells,
I have had a drink of the Water of Life, 

To those who are ensnared in their transgressions and sins, 
To those who mourn in the pain and desperation of life,
To those enslaved by the worldly greed and lust,
To those whose souls are thirsty in longing for fulfillment,
To the entire Creation will  Invite to the Well of wells,
I have been to the Well of wells,
I have had a drink of the Water of Life, 

I will carry on the invitation in life and in death,
I will carry on in times of acceptances and in times of persecutions,
I will carry on in times of trust and in times of being doubted,
I will carry on the great commission for the Well is with me,
I will carry on till all are quenched of the Water of Life,
I have been to the Well of wells,
I have had a drink of the Water of Life, 

Yet not alone but with the Well himself I go,
Yet not alone but with many who have drunk of the Well,
Yet not alone but with many others who were all once thirsty,
Yet not a lone but with many who trust the Water from the Well,
Yet not alone but with many in all corners of the world,
I have been to the Well of wells,
I have had a drink of the Water of Life. 

By Newton Gatambia,
23rd April 2013