Monday, 29 April 2013

My Soul longs to worship you God.

From the nucleus of my life,
Where I am deeply knitted into one,
From the finest things under all heavens,
Where I source my ultimate Identity,
From the axis of my entire being,
Where the loudest silence dwells,
From the interior of my solitude,
where the brightest hope springs from,
From the innermost of my true self,
where emotions and feelings flow,
From the original map of my destiny,
Where my Creator's breath resonates,
From the root of all my energy and power,
Where I was inflamed with the special longing,
From the epitome of my Master's Image,
Where love, hope, peace and joy sparks,
By God's enabling power,
I shall love and worship the Lord my God,
I shall love my neighbor,
With all my soul I shall do it.

Newton John Gatambia.

1 comment:

  1. God longs to see us live a fulfilling life. He has the best in store for all of us but how many of us are giving him their all for his glory and for our good.