Tuesday, 7 May 2013

The greatest Story ever;

The greatest Story ever;

Sat down and perfectly ready was the Storywriter,
With a pen and paper in His hands He started writing it,
Six days and six nights the story was perfectly complete,
To one Character He gives his image and the duty to steward,
Resting on day seven He celebrates the super-perfect script,
Standing back he admires every portion of the story,
In perfect beauty and completeness the Story is flawless.

All Characters are alive as they harmoniously blossom,
The Storywriter gives the manual to the image holder,
Manual on the right way into the perfect plan of life in the story,
To the Image holder he gives all the necessary guidance and..,
Death warning on eating of the tree of knowledge of good and evil,
The Image holder enjoys the harmonious blossom,
In perfect beauty and completeness the Story is flawless.

But lo! There comes the devious schemer,
With the fake manual in his hands he smiles to the Image holders,
With a lying tongue he introduces his scheme of disobedience,
The image holder falls for the inferior script disobeying the Storywriter,
He rebelliously hopes to be equal to the Storywriter,
Ignoring the Storywriter’s warning He chains his own destiny,
The perfect beautiful and complete Story is evilly abandoned.

In a sudden turn of events comes the fall of the image holders,
The image holder regretfully discovers the deep stain on him,
He is sunk into an inferior manual from the devious schemer,
Blinded not to see the perfect script again he is guilty and ashamed,
From a distance he hears the Storywriter approaching ...,
Not able to face the Perfect One he disappears into hiding,
The perfect beautiful and complete Story is evilly abandoned.

At the cool of the day arrives the Storywriter,
In search of the image holder he calls him out,
He pities the image holder sunk in an inferior script,
He is deeply offended by the Image Holder’s disobedience,
Standing on his Truth and Justice he punishes the characters,
Out of the original script the Image holder is banished,
The perfect beautiful and complete Story stands justly condemned.

The death penalty begins as the characters are lost in deceit,
Lost beyond measure they remain against the Master Plan,
Blinded by the fake manual the Image holder can’t see the perfect plan,
The Storywriter is hurt by the Image holder’s continued disobedience,
He sets rules and regulations to command the Image holder,
The Storywriter has not given up on the image holder yet,
The perfect beautiful and complete Story He longs to restore.

In humility and love for the image holder the Storywriter enters the story,
The Storywriter becomes a Character on a mission in His own story,
He lives among the other characters as a perfect example of the perfect plan,
He is on a mission to restore the perfection and the supremacy of the Story,
He takes up the condemnation and the death penalty in becoming the sin,
The devious schemer is troubled and he longs to terminate the salvation plan,
The perfect beautiful and complete Story He starts to restore.

The Storywriter facing his own Justice principles faces death for all,
In his great mercies He painfully heads to the cross without fear,
Though humiliated by the image holder he does not abandon his mission,
The Storywriter faces our justly deserved punishment by Him for us,
His death destroys the stained page as his resurrection opens a new page,
This is my story, your story our story – The greatest story ever,
The perfect beautiful and complete Story He faithfully restores.

The Storywriter had it within Him and He calls it the light of the world,
All Characters have to know and believe the restored story,
The story that holds the indestructible hope given by its own author,
The story that has and will shape the destiny of all the creation,
This great story is the way the truth and the light on all and for all,
Many will come and go but the Story lives forever and ever,
The restored, perfect, beautiful and complete Story our only redemption.

Reflecting on God’s great and perfect plan for mankind,
Newton John Gatambia,

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