Friday, 10 May 2013

The Life Safari experience of Grace ...

I set off for a long safari,
Only I knew about this long safari,
Power to carry on or abandon it lay within it,
I thought!
Deep down the valley I carefully trend,
Each step building more suspicion and caution,
A smooth deep voice kept whispering,
"The way in is the only way out,"
In a tremor I wasn't sure what lived in me,
I kept on into the inner shelves,
The wind blew as the storms gathered,
I shivered in trepidation
The eyes of my heart did the digging,
Uncovering the massive roots of myself,
Wait! I was lost inside my own house,
Along the roots lines I walked my eyes,
Though lost at their core and epitome source,
Their destination was me,
In awe the revelation seemed unbelievable,
The root of every virtue and every vice,
The root to every strength and every weakness,
The root to every success and every failure,
The root to everything and anything,
I felt helplessly lost at the core of my own true Identity,
A sharp breeze of discomfort blew from behind,
I dared to turn and face it,
Its intensity grew bigger and wild,
I could no longer stop the safari either.

My heart's eyes dug deeper and faster,
My mouth opened higher and wider,
At the glance of the biggest root within,
Its eyes and mouth spitting terror,
In its inimical and inglorious nature,
Scared and horrified I sank into its grip,
The root had coiled all round my being,
I knew it all yet knew not the way out of it all,
I felt the weight of my entire being,
I could never lift it alone,
Severe self separation since sacrilege sentence,
Iniquity inviting individually intractable interruption,
Negligently neutralizing necessary noble nativity,
SIN root had clamped me inside,
Wounded soldier leaning on his riffle,
Two options before me stood;
Simply accept and move on with life,
The second option stood blank,
Simply accept? it was a No!
No to living with the scaring root forever,
Yet I knew not how to -
 Rid it or myself from either,
Helplessly and hopelessly I stared at it,
The long safari had hit a huge hedge,
Heart’s eyes roamed about in search for a solution,
It was beyond me to stay or to go,
Restless and disturbed I sighed,
Inside the trappings of the dark root I mourned,

Body soul heart anguished in powerlessness,
The silence had become so loud to bear,
First a whirling wind sound,
With my entirety took a long deep breath,
Then the thunder of heavy footsteps approaching,
Like a soldier's grip on a riffle ready to act,
The roots grip got tighter onto me,
With the steps getting closer,
I saw the light rays through the root gaps,
In super-fast spiral-wavy like movement,
The root sought to block the rays,
Inside my hearts some rays converged,
Their heat ignited a soft voice,
I surrender!
Hitting the walls of the root,
The voice echoed back to me,
I surrender!
Hitting the walls of the root,
The voice echoed back to me again,
The rays got closer and brighter,
Their heat got warmer and fresher,
In total dismally and dismay,
The roots darkness bowed reverently to the light,
The beams of light were now wet,
Sprinkles of the blood accompanying,
Portion of the wall had fallen off with a thud,
The power in the bloodied beam had destroyed it.

My ignited heart started digging into the beam,
As I went into my knees in surrender,
Three things were glowing behind the beam,
Two bleeding arms and a face nailed to the cross,
One arm held with mighty power onto the root,
The other spread towards me with great light,
From the face a voice called;
“Come to me... Come to me...”
I longed to,
Still cramped in the SIN root
With the energy drawn from His face's light,
My entirety's hand spread and held his mighty arm,
His other arm grabbed the SIN root,
Towards the blood flowing cross we headed,
The two arms carrying me and the root,
I smelt something remorse and sad,
Death I thought!
His face's voice into mine ears whispered,
“Die with me and live with me...,
Die with me and live with me...,”
Way to the cross,
Only way forward the voice revealed,
I had reached the cross with him I hang,
There He bore all my pain shame and guilt, 
In deep humility watched me the undeserving;
Such I would never have afforded,
Not even with my entire life.

As His eyes closed in death,
With a lightening flash,
The SIN root had all dried up,
For me the undeserving,
God's wrath the Son mercifully satisfying,
His eyes opening in new life,
Mine too He opened with great love,
Dead with Him, alive with Him
A new eternal root in me he planted 
He grafted it into himself,
Giving me a new life,
Justified freely by the unmerited favour,
I bowed in worship to the Almighty
 Not by my works! Not by my life! Not my blood!
Not my righteous deeds under the law!
Through faith in Jesus Christ,
I have freely received...
The Safari was never mine,
My safari was inside the Safari,
I'm in the Safari,
With the Author of the safari I journey;
Come ye all people, come ye all nations and see.

Reflections on the SALVATION,
By Newton John Gatambia
On 11/05/2013,
To God be glory and all the praise.

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  1. “God preordained, for his own glory and the display of His attributes of mercy and justice, a part of the human race, without any merit of their own, to eternal salvation, and another part, in just punishment of their sin, to eternal damnation.”
    John Calvin.