Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Life Bottle!

the gift so nice,
the gift so precious;
the gift so enjoyable;
the gift all for free,
a valuable treasure given to all,
its length only known to the Author;
as we open it to drink,
and unwrap it to feast;
ignore not it’s Author!
He has overall control over it;
Even the storms that hover it,
then I ask what’s our role?
We got to be good stewards!
life is so soon disappearing;
you don't have to argue that,
do you? It’s always slippery!
Peg it on faith n’ courage,
feed it in solitude n’ prayer,
walk it in the light n’ the truth,
sharpen it with truth n the word,
live it with wisdom n’ understanding,
spice it with faithfulness n’ gratitude,
surround it with self-control n’ obedience,
exercise it with sacrifice n’ forgiveness,
Guard it with watchfulness n’ worship,
Mend it with endurance n’ tolerance,
expand it with compassion n charity,
swing it with kindness n’ diligence,
Share it with friends’ n’ freedom,
Construct it with love n’ honesty,
purify it with purity and holiness,
lift it with reverence n’ humility,
treat it with fun n’ fruitfulness,
toss it with patience n’ hope,
kiss it with joy n’ happiness,
live it in glory to God.
At its depth;
Live it fully,
Leave it;


try a bit of living life lively and lovely. Newton G K 2013.

Sunday, 28 July 2013


Yesterday I opened all my doors to invite;
Yesterday I opened my ears to listen;
Yesterday I opened my heart to feel;
Yesterday I opened my arms to embrace;
Yesterday I opened my hands to nurse;
Yesterday I opened my eyes to see;
Yesterday I opened my mouth to encourage;
Yesterday I opened my soul to empathize;
Yesterday I opened my wallet to give;
Yesterday I opened my faith to pray.

To invite the lowly and the forgotten,
To listen to the widowed and orphaned,
To feel the lonely and the hurting,
To embrace the oppressed and the hated,
To nurse the wounded and the sick,
To see the elderly and the weak,
To encourage the hopeless n’ the distressed,
To empathize with the suffering n’ the sorrowful,
To give to the hungry and the thirsty,
To pray for the poor and the lowly,

I keep all doors open even today n’ tomorrow,
I will keep them not out of plenty in me,
I will keep them open for he has given me,
I will do it with love and compassion,
I will be His vessel for blessings to flow through,
I will be an open ended vessel for my Lord,
Only because He opened his door to me,
Only because He has loved me with His all,
Only because He lives I face every single day,
His love is all I have and is more than I need.

© Newton J G K 2013
God's love has shown onto me and unto many should I reflect it forever by his grace.

Saturday, 27 July 2013

Hope on!

Woke up right in the middle of it,
It was so sweet to be fully enjoyed;
By I, while I deeply slept on,
I didn't realize though that I wore;
A new pair of eyes seeing beyond  fear.

On focus was a path like a bridge,
Leading into a a bright light right I had,
Off focus was a deep n' scaring river,
Roaring and scaring me to death,
A new pair of eyes seeing beyond pain.

I chose to focus on the path like a bridge,
Cos I wanted to live on and on to the bright,
My entirety hugged this path with all strength,
I kept on n' still does walk on this path,
A new pair of eyes seeing beyond suffering.

Off focus the horror unbearably stares,
The wild river's roar scares even the thought of itself,
The memory of it's every past second threatens life,
I will hardly look at it's depth for dead I'll become,
A new pair of eyes seeing beyond rejection.

Every single day I land at it again the dilemma,
Questions of life's surrounding scares and pains;
deep within which the silver lining hides,
I'll keep walking along the path in faith,
A new pair of eyes seeing beyond any obstacles.

Newton J GK 2013.

Friday, 26 July 2013

'I Still I'm Thanks.'

Walked along the old dusty path back in the village,
Whistling the lyrics of an old song I used to love,
I was also staring at my very small dusty feet,
As my feet slapped the ground I saw dust like smoke.

Shss! Found my great and younger friend smoking,
Was n' still is wrong for a boy to smoke in my village,
It was also wrong for my friends health sake,
He was too young to be smoking; I felt.

He begged me to shush about the smoking,
I was right on top of the fence sitting squarely,
I always hate to sit on it cos it's never stable,
He was too young to smoke; I knew.

He continued begging me to shush if I loved him,
Immediately thought of what he meant with 'loved',
For a moment I thought I better shush about it,
He was too you to smoke; i remembered.

I weighed the consequences off the fence with love,
My true love for him could never let me shush,
I ran and told his dad that I had found him smoking,
'He is too young to smoke!' he caned him proper.

For weeks my friend kept shush unto me,
All because I never shushed about his smoking,
Just the other day (ten years) after said he happily; 
"I was too you to smoke, I still I'm thanks."

© Newton J G K 2013 (memories of my childhood days.)

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Wandering in Wonder!

When I seat to wonder at life,
I hardly realize while I stand on my knees,
I rarely can tell the mystery with mastery,
At the beauty of how all things work; I marvel,
I need not to go too far;
Within my self is enough wander n' wonder,
Just struck by how:

The heart ever beats and pumps with life,
The brain cleverly works out the many thoughts,
The body strongly leads n' follows in obedience,
The fluid with life continually flows within,
The soul with power unites the entirety of self,
I can never exhaust the long life's list wandering wonder;
Of the unending questions of the life's ginormous puzzle,

I feel lost yet home in the thick forest of unending imagination,
In the river of memories of past even with their multiple colors,
Along the bumpy path of knowledge and reason I still tread,
Running n' times walking towards the life line of future’s mirage,
Till the descending of the Authors wisdom sheds its light,
Till the ever present vertical road finds me perplexed,
Standing in the middle of the road alone,

Shall I face onto its upside right to the Heavens?
Shall I face onto its downside straight to the Earth?
Shall I opt for the one of faith and belief?
Shall I opt for the one of disbelief and doubt?
Shall I opt for rare, long n' narrow path of humility?
Shall I opt for the common, short n' wide path of pride?

Every path has it's own master,
Every path has it's own ways,
Every path has it's own rules,
Every path has it's own followers,
Every path has it's own destination,
Tilting my head above I see the open n' wide heavens,
Fixing my head below I see the earth below my self,

Facing up my life's ginormous puzzle bits hold together,
Facing down my life's ginormous puzzle bits fall apart,
The path facing up like a magnet; attracts and holds all,
The path facing down like a storm; blows all away,
The path of belief enlightens the mind and opens the heart,
The path of disbelief swells the mind and shrinks the heart,
Surely there is no doubt there is a path,

Surely there is no argument a choice awaits,
Surely one path and only one is right!
Surely His path is right, He the way of truth,
I will hold onto the path He has offered,
In worship I will embrace He who reigns,
He will help me overcome the path of below,
I will keep looking up where my help comes from,

For I was wandering in wonder alone,
He found me.

The path of life is tough and so I called it "Wandering in Wonder" and the best thing happens when you meet the Master of the path; for he who marked the path is the path itself for the path lived in Him even before he marked it.
© Newton J G K 2013

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

A new bundle of joy! - cos all babies are royal

Photo: Ka baby BEN we care u big
After countless hours of eager wait,
Many days of unending expectations,
N’ enough months of formation within,
N’ Just as every planned event has it due time,
Uniquely special from all who've been before;
Welcome to the world of the living,
In a tiny little body at arrival,
Life’s evidence fully indisputable,
In front of joyful loving mum and dad;
Your tiny innocent eyes open n’ shut,
And from the little tiny mouth;
A first cry of n’ for life begins,
All is new to you even your own self,
A special identity signified by a name,
Your weight n’ date are noted down,
Your gender is ascertained with joy,
All eyes and hearts are on you,
The celebrations n’ jubilation are all yours,
It is indeed your day and your hour,
All this without your knowledge or consent,
For you are loved even before you know love,
Welcome to the world new little star,
May you grow in stature n’ glow in wisdom,
May you live in purpose n’ plenty of joy,
Welcome! You are a new bundle of joy.

4 the new born babies and all who were once babies; 22/07/2013 © Newton J G K 2013

Monday, 22 July 2013

I am an empty vessel!

I'm an empty vessel,
I own not even the vessel itself,
How I even became is always a mystery,
Why I became what I am He only knows,
What more do I have but a chance,
A chance to contain the vessel owners plans,
A chance to contain the vessel owners gift of life,
A chance to convey the vessel owners will,
A chance to be in within the vessel owners ways,
A chance to be grateful for the chance in worship,
A chance to love other vessel like I'm loved,
This chance called life -
This chance called time,
This chance called a life-time,
I will live it in humility and meekness,
I will live it to worship and glorify Him,
I will live it to love Him and His people,
I will live it to care for it and to cherish it,
With His help I'll be a good steward,
I'm an empty vessel carrying a chance,
I'm an empty vessel.

A piece on humility by His vessel.

Saturday, 20 July 2013

Glory to Him Alleluia!

In the dawn of His amazing grace,
Every single morning I rejoice,
My heart is packed with hope,
My soul rests in deep reverence to Him,
Only He who watches all the earth I fear,
New life flowing within me,
New joy springing from within,
A soft shower of His new mercies,
Beholding His countless blessings;
All free from Him the giver of life,
Such a wealthy man I am,
Seated right inside the I Am,
Such I would never have afforded,
Wealth that He with love freely grants,
He fills the earth with his unfailing love,
Glory to Him Alleluia!

In the dawn of His amazing grace,
Every single day He sustains me,
In humility I bow to Him the trustworthy,
In joyful praise I lift my hands to Him,
King of kings He is majestic,
I'll lift my voice to glorify His name,
I'll worship Him with all my heart,
I'll lift my eyes to rejoice in His glory,
I will celebrate His great deeds,
With all my soul I will rejoice,
Shunning all anxiety I will be calm,
By prayer and petition I'll come,
With thanks I'll request from Him,
Every single evening He restores me,
He fills the earth with his unfailing love,
Glory to Him Alleluia!

© Newton J G K 2013
God deserves all the glory and praise.

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

In Christ's Indestructible hope!

Photo: In Christ alone there is the glorious  Indestructible Hope for all.
There will be tough days in life;
Tougher days than ever known,
There will be dark nights at times;
Longer and darker than the rest,
There will be cold winters;
Colder and frostier than ever before,
There will be high mountains;
Too high to climb by our own strength,
There will be strong storms;
So strong for our life boats to sail across,
There will be moments of pains;
More intense n' hurting than ever imagined,
There will be suffering;
More painful and despairing than any other,
There will be days of fears;
Fierce and scaring than darkness,
There will one day be death for all;
The mention of which all stands in awe,

In Christ's Indestructible hope:

There will be no single day;
His Grace will be hidden from his own,
There will be not a single night;
Darker than His everlasting n'saving light,
There will be no single winter;
Too cold to experience the warmth of God's love,
There will be no mountain;
Too big to move; for faith like a mustard seed,
There will be no moments of pain;
So painful for his kind mercies to console,
There will be not a single storm;
Too strong for Him to calm when we cry to Him,
There will be no pain;
Too painful beyond his consoling mercies,
There will be not a single struggle;
Upon which His helping arm will grow weaker,
Not even in the fiercest of fears;
Shall He ever forsake those who hope in Him,
And even the dreaded death;
He's made it a simple gate along the eternal path.

© Newton J G K 2013.

Monday, 15 July 2013


Yes! I'm on that path!
At the sharpest edge of my bluntness,
At the bluntest edge of my sharpness,
At the loudest point of my silence,
At the most silent point of my loudness,
At the finest point of my narrows of life,
At the narrowest point of my widths of life,
At the rarest visited yet the most longed for path,
Yes! I'm on that path!

I'm gonna cry out all my laughter,
I'm gonna laugh out all my cry,
I love this point yet at most I dread it,
The physical eyes in surrender to those of heart,
At least I hear the rest in the world least,
Yet, I still can hear all clearly in my inner self,
When brokenness of heart hosts the entire world,
Yes! I'm on that path!

When the beauty of life is at the brightest,
Yet the ugliness of the same helplessly stares,  
Sitting at the most shallow end of the outside,
Yet at the deepest end of my inner life pool,
Seeking to ignore the entire noises in the out;
Finding the concentration of the entire noises in the in,
Re-igniting the servant's cups of love, hope and faith
Yes! I'm on that path!

The path seemingly scaring from the outside;
The path leading continually to full strength,
The path where doubt and hope merge,
The path where fear and faith wrestle,
The path where the I inside the rest is most absent,
The path where the rest inside I are most present,
The path where Alpha and Omega is most audible,
Yes! I'm on that path!

The path where I can quietly read my life script,
The path where I faithfully discern His will and plan,
The path where His script joyfully overtakes mine,
The path where my heart He tunes with love for all,
The path where my repentant heart is consoled,
The path where His love fuels His mission in me,
The glorious and amazing path of solitude.
Yes I'm on that path!

© Newton J G K 2013
I nowadays try to have some deliberate time in solitude and I have found it very helpful for a healthy physical and spiritual living. Hope you too will make a similar discovery.

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Come Oh Lord!

Unto this evergreen land you sent me; come,
Unto this land where you are Lord; shine,
Unto this land founded on your reign; rule,
Unto this formerly great land; restore faith,
Unto the dry bones; speak life,
Unto the extinguished flames of hope; reignite,
Unto the weak and exhausted; strengthen,
Unto the lame and wounded; heal,
Unto the blinded; shine your light,
Lord; come to the hearts of many,
Lord; come to your people in Britain,
Come and rebuild the broken walls,
Let your power be experienced,
Let your forgiveness be realized,
Let your salvation gift be received,
Unto this evergreen land you sent me; come.

A prayer for Britain.

Friday, 5 July 2013

Walks of life

In the walks of life there will be seasons,
Every season will have its climates differing,
Every season will have situations competing,
Every season will  have friends come others go,
Every season will  have family yeses and nos, 
Every season a time to laugh out n' to tear in,
Every season will have it's ups and downs,
Every season will come and go; Seasonal!
Every season will find me and you, but how?
Every season will leave Him unchanged,
Every season will leave Him unmoved,
Every season is just part of His straight line,
Every season is under His power and might,
Every season we will need to walk in Him,
Every season we better walk with the nonseasonal,
Every season we will be safe in Him n' His will,
In the walks of life there will be seasons,
In Him we will last beyond a season and the season.

Thursday, 4 July 2013

Love will! Love can! Love shall! Turn things round.

The world mourns in deep sorrow and pain,
Her people are deeply wounded and broken,
Their souls are fully dried and thirsty of life,
Their hearts are aching in pain and distress,
Their lives are wandering and lost in fear,
Their hopes are tiny yet still continue to diminish,
Their minds are lost, confused and cheated,
In a world drowning in unforgiving hatred and revenge,
In a world robbed of peace, joy and hope by sin,
In such life, one word is the question and the answer,
There is one living word though;
There is one living action though;
Through His Grace Love lives forever,
If our hearts can journey to theirs the rest will obey.

Love will! Love can! Love shall!; Turn things round.

Love them unconditionally for similarly He did it for us,
Love then; only then we can reach and touch their hearts,
Love them; only then we can know and understand their pain,
Love them; only the we can remember and visit their situations,
Love them; only then we can think and pray for their lives,
Love them; only then we can reach and change their pain,
Love them; only then we can be like and represent Jesus,
Love them; only then we can be accepted and accept them,
Love them; only then we can experience His Kingdom on earth,
There is one living word though;
There is one living action though;
Through His Grace Love lives forever,
Love Him, love them, love us, live love,
If our hearts can journey to theirs the rest will obey.

Newton GK on 04/07/2013

Monday, 1 July 2013

I See you Lord..

Every where ...
Every what ...
Every how ...
Every when ...
They all decree,
In openness of my eyes,
In openness of my heart,
In openness of my mouth,
I see you Lord,
Deep within myself,
In the entire creation,
Indeed where are you not?
No! Not in a single place Lord,
I see you everywhere,
You see me everywhere,
How majestic is your Name.

Newton GK 01/07/13