Tuesday, 23 July 2013

A new bundle of joy! - cos all babies are royal

Photo: Ka baby BEN we care u big
After countless hours of eager wait,
Many days of unending expectations,
N’ enough months of formation within,
N’ Just as every planned event has it due time,
Uniquely special from all who've been before;
Welcome to the world of the living,
In a tiny little body at arrival,
Life’s evidence fully indisputable,
In front of joyful loving mum and dad;
Your tiny innocent eyes open n’ shut,
And from the little tiny mouth;
A first cry of n’ for life begins,
All is new to you even your own self,
A special identity signified by a name,
Your weight n’ date are noted down,
Your gender is ascertained with joy,
All eyes and hearts are on you,
The celebrations n’ jubilation are all yours,
It is indeed your day and your hour,
All this without your knowledge or consent,
For you are loved even before you know love,
Welcome to the world new little star,
May you grow in stature n’ glow in wisdom,
May you live in purpose n’ plenty of joy,
Welcome! You are a new bundle of joy.

4 the new born babies and all who were once babies; 22/07/2013 © Newton J G K 2013

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