Tuesday, 16 July 2013

In Christ's Indestructible hope!

Photo: In Christ alone there is the glorious  Indestructible Hope for all.
There will be tough days in life;
Tougher days than ever known,
There will be dark nights at times;
Longer and darker than the rest,
There will be cold winters;
Colder and frostier than ever before,
There will be high mountains;
Too high to climb by our own strength,
There will be strong storms;
So strong for our life boats to sail across,
There will be moments of pains;
More intense n' hurting than ever imagined,
There will be suffering;
More painful and despairing than any other,
There will be days of fears;
Fierce and scaring than darkness,
There will one day be death for all;
The mention of which all stands in awe,

In Christ's Indestructible hope:

There will be no single day;
His Grace will be hidden from his own,
There will be not a single night;
Darker than His everlasting n'saving light,
There will be no single winter;
Too cold to experience the warmth of God's love,
There will be no mountain;
Too big to move; for faith like a mustard seed,
There will be no moments of pain;
So painful for his kind mercies to console,
There will be not a single storm;
Too strong for Him to calm when we cry to Him,
There will be no pain;
Too painful beyond his consoling mercies,
There will be not a single struggle;
Upon which His helping arm will grow weaker,
Not even in the fiercest of fears;
Shall He ever forsake those who hope in Him,
And even the dreaded death;
He's made it a simple gate along the eternal path.

© Newton J G K 2013.

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