Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Wandering in Wonder!

When I seat to wonder at life,
I hardly realize while I stand on my knees,
I rarely can tell the mystery with mastery,
At the beauty of how all things work; I marvel,
I need not to go too far;
Within my self is enough wander n' wonder,
Just struck by how:

The heart ever beats and pumps with life,
The brain cleverly works out the many thoughts,
The body strongly leads n' follows in obedience,
The fluid with life continually flows within,
The soul with power unites the entirety of self,
I can never exhaust the long life's list wandering wonder;
Of the unending questions of the life's ginormous puzzle,

I feel lost yet home in the thick forest of unending imagination,
In the river of memories of past even with their multiple colors,
Along the bumpy path of knowledge and reason I still tread,
Running n' times walking towards the life line of future’s mirage,
Till the descending of the Authors wisdom sheds its light,
Till the ever present vertical road finds me perplexed,
Standing in the middle of the road alone,

Shall I face onto its upside right to the Heavens?
Shall I face onto its downside straight to the Earth?
Shall I opt for the one of faith and belief?
Shall I opt for the one of disbelief and doubt?
Shall I opt for rare, long n' narrow path of humility?
Shall I opt for the common, short n' wide path of pride?

Every path has it's own master,
Every path has it's own ways,
Every path has it's own rules,
Every path has it's own followers,
Every path has it's own destination,
Tilting my head above I see the open n' wide heavens,
Fixing my head below I see the earth below my self,

Facing up my life's ginormous puzzle bits hold together,
Facing down my life's ginormous puzzle bits fall apart,
The path facing up like a magnet; attracts and holds all,
The path facing down like a storm; blows all away,
The path of belief enlightens the mind and opens the heart,
The path of disbelief swells the mind and shrinks the heart,
Surely there is no doubt there is a path,

Surely there is no argument a choice awaits,
Surely one path and only one is right!
Surely His path is right, He the way of truth,
I will hold onto the path He has offered,
In worship I will embrace He who reigns,
He will help me overcome the path of below,
I will keep looking up where my help comes from,

For I was wandering in wonder alone,
He found me.

The path of life is tough and so I called it "Wandering in Wonder" and the best thing happens when you meet the Master of the path; for he who marked the path is the path itself for the path lived in Him even before he marked it.
© Newton J G K 2013

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