Sunday, 28 July 2013


Yesterday I opened all my doors to invite;
Yesterday I opened my ears to listen;
Yesterday I opened my heart to feel;
Yesterday I opened my arms to embrace;
Yesterday I opened my hands to nurse;
Yesterday I opened my eyes to see;
Yesterday I opened my mouth to encourage;
Yesterday I opened my soul to empathize;
Yesterday I opened my wallet to give;
Yesterday I opened my faith to pray.

To invite the lowly and the forgotten,
To listen to the widowed and orphaned,
To feel the lonely and the hurting,
To embrace the oppressed and the hated,
To nurse the wounded and the sick,
To see the elderly and the weak,
To encourage the hopeless n’ the distressed,
To empathize with the suffering n’ the sorrowful,
To give to the hungry and the thirsty,
To pray for the poor and the lowly,

I keep all doors open even today n’ tomorrow,
I will keep them not out of plenty in me,
I will keep them open for he has given me,
I will do it with love and compassion,
I will be His vessel for blessings to flow through,
I will be an open ended vessel for my Lord,
Only because He opened his door to me,
Only because He has loved me with His all,
Only because He lives I face every single day,
His love is all I have and is more than I need.

© Newton J G K 2013
God's love has shown onto me and unto many should I reflect it forever by his grace.

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