Monday, 22 July 2013

I am an empty vessel!

I'm an empty vessel,
I own not even the vessel itself,
How I even became is always a mystery,
Why I became what I am He only knows,
What more do I have but a chance,
A chance to contain the vessel owners plans,
A chance to contain the vessel owners gift of life,
A chance to convey the vessel owners will,
A chance to be in within the vessel owners ways,
A chance to be grateful for the chance in worship,
A chance to love other vessel like I'm loved,
This chance called life -
This chance called time,
This chance called a life-time,
I will live it in humility and meekness,
I will live it to worship and glorify Him,
I will live it to love Him and His people,
I will live it to care for it and to cherish it,
With His help I'll be a good steward,
I'm an empty vessel carrying a chance,
I'm an empty vessel.

A piece on humility by His vessel.

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