Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Keep on keeping on!

Keep on keeping on!

Keep on moving
Even though you may 
Not find anyone along 
The path you now walk

Keep on talking
Even though you may
Not have someone listening
To the words you now share

Keep on writing
Even though you may
Not have someone reading
The words you now write

Keep on doing
Even though you may
Not have someone appreciating
The deeds you now do

Keep on sowing
Even though you may
Not have someone seeing
The seed you now sow

Keep on living it
Even though you may
Not have someone realizing
The motivation you now have

Keep moving keep talking
Keep writing keep doing
Keep sowing keep living
Providing in this life you still are

Keep moving keep talking
Keep writing keep doing
Keep sowing keep living
Providing light n' right motivates

Keep moving keep talking
Keep writing keep doing
Keep sowing keep living
Providing your Lord you glorify

Newton Gatambia K 2013.

Sunday, 20 October 2013

We Are Bound Together!

Premise: How do some of the worst human evils such as slavery (the modern day human trafficking) still take place. It is really sickening to even think about them. We should all value every human being without taking advantage of their weakness or vulnerability.

We Are Bound Together!
We are like the beads in a mono necklace for
we are bound together as the human race
We are like water drops that form the vast ocean for
we are bound together as the human race
We are like the hairs of the same head for
we are bound together as the human race
No one has yellow or blue blood but all red it flows for
we are bound together as the human race
No one has the privilege of more than a life at ago for
we are bound together as the human race
All of us tall or short were once occupants of the womb for
we are bound together as the human race 
However special one may think above rest we are one species
We are bound together as the human race
We need to love and live as one or all perish at once in ones for
we are bound together as the human race 
We all must shun oppression n' all sorts of discrimination for
we are bound together as the human race
We all must dare to care with compassion for all humanity for
we are bound together as the human race
We hate, oppress n' discriminate one; we poison all our water for drink
we are bound together as the human race
We all in justice must say no to all sorts of human slavery for
we are bound together as the human race

N J G K 2013. 

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

We must get our worship right!

Premise: Worship is a big question and if you analyse it well we too deeply resonate so well with it. We can't live without worship and what we worship does matter a lot for to a big extent if not all extent it affects all our life.

Daily as I walk along the corridors of this life as I peruse
The papers we daily write and read as I cast mine own eyes on
The numerous screens filled with information and  countless
 Pictures we daily display as I open my soul to drink from
The cups and plates served exquisitely by poets, musicians
And writers in and of all sorts of poetry, music and books
 From all over the world, as walk my eyes on the many social
Media sites and networks and as I listen to many men and women
Of all nations and races, of all ages and professions speak, argue
And chat to each other they either are looking for people to worship
 And to praise or they are looking for people to offer the same to
Them; either looking for ‘great’ people to worship or striving to be
The ones the entire world is looking at in its center to praise
They are looking for the so called celebrities to celebrate and
The so called celebrities are being consumed daily off their
Soul’s peace and joy by the worship and praise that people
Falsely accord them for they can never afford to fulfill nor 
Sustain it daily hence their souls and spirit end up drying forcing
Them to seek external powers from the dark worlds to be fed
While others end up in drugs and all sorts of evil which
All leave them and their worshipers in the bottomless
Pit of pain and unending life frustrations by their lost longings
To worship and to be worshiped is in all humans’ nature
And to us the earthlings there will never be fulfillment
Without the adjustment of our worship from being directed
To the false people or the false things that were created
But rather to be directed to the right one who created not only
The worshiper but also the worship that lives within the creation
 We must get our worship right or else we will continue being jinxed!

N J G K 2013.

Saturday, 12 October 2013

The Flame!

Jer 17:9 "The heart is deceitful
 above all things,
and desperately wicked:
 who can know it?

The Flame!
It can be so burning
It can be so daring
It can be so forcing
It can be so moving
It can be so drawing
It can be so luring
It can be so controlling
It can be so demanding
It can be so enslaving
It can be so overcoming
That which the heart
Has so passionately
N’ longingly desired

The human heart
Has indeed immense
Power than any other
Help me Oh Lord
To learn n’ control
This heart in wisdom
To be faithful in
That which my heart
So passionately
N’ longingly desires
That the ways of truth
N’ righteousness I will
Daily long to walk

N J G K 2013.

Thursday, 10 October 2013

Africa; the land of indelible glamour!

Premise: Africa! I'm sure there are more than a million stories people have been told about Africa. It happens to be the most stereotyped continent and I hereby attempt to present Africa's unique and indelible glamour.

Africa my glamorous motherland
Africa my glamorous motherland
What do people see?
When they have a quick glimpse at you
What do people say?
When they have a quick chat about you
What do people think?
When they hear your name mentioned ‘Africa’
Do they see your body like a heart?
Do they see your shape like a question mark?
Do they see your size like a giant?
Do they say your name like a free car?
But how many sincerely know
What you are Africa...
Why you are Africa...
Why you are Africa...
Who you are Africa...

Africa my beautiful continent
Many thoughts, many speculations
Many ideas, many views
Many suggestions, many facts
Many lies, many truths
Indeed endless says exist about
You my motherland
Some think you are just a jungle;
Of pains and deaths
Others think you are just a dessert;
Of struggles and hustles
Others have no idea but today
I dare to invite them be dear to you Africa
By diving with them into your invaluable
Beauty that is rarely said nor heard
Your winsomeness within which
Not a single heart remains un-charmed

Africa my glamorous motherland
At your heart is the cradle of all humanity
Daily you invite all to relax at your quintessential
Beaches of your long n’ fabulous coastline
For indeed who can know the full meaning
And pulchritude of travel without experiencing
The magnificent Africa’s Safari experience
To see the big five whoop it up alongside the famous
Maasai people of your east without having
To zoom them out from the tiny zoos
Taking walks along the friendly giraffes and
The wild beasts of Mara in the view of the world’s
 Tallest standing [Kilima]njaro is such a big rave

Africa my beautiful continent
Who would hate to see the spot whales of your
South after globetrotting through the true Madagascar
On their way to the world class adventure at
The Victoria Falls; an all time global admiration
By even those of the great Victorian age
Such a delight in looking up and cruising along the
Girnomus Nile revealing one to the revelling beautiful
Architectural history written even on the walls
Of the smashing monumental Egyptian pyramids
All your exquisiteness in the diverse cultural, natural,
Physical, spiritual, architectural, social and intellectual
Wealth so thick and wide like your rain forest of the
Congo is indeed a lot of mali for you even in Djenne
Of Sub-Saharan Mali lays your ancient loveliness

Africa my glamorous motherland
You hail high in many hearts and faces
Your heroes and heroines of the past and the present
Like Mandela you pride in being their mother
Them who fought and still fight to prove your worth
Remain the faithful sons and daughters to treasure
Though many longed and still long to exploit your
Excellent beauty you will remain Africans’ to
Defend and to always delight in forever
Will you always arise and let the world
Know who you truly are;

Africa my beautiful continent;
Abundant Adequate Approachable Admirable Accolade
Fantastic Fathomable Flamboyant Free Family
Radiant Realistic Refulgent Remarkable Realm
Indigenous Idiosyncratic Impressive Indelible Instrument
Creative Coherent Cheerful Courteous Community
Absorbing Adventurous Affable Affluent Amenity
Africa my glamorous motherland
Where you beauty you beauty indeed
Only if you only beauty(ed) we all would sing one song
 Under the glow of your beauty Mama Africa

Africa my beautiful continent;

by Newton John Gatambia K 2013.

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Life Rings!

Life Rings!

Life rings are always rigmaroles and pricking
Oh how we desire to be identified as the special ones
How we desire to be in classes and statuses
How we long to draw the lines that envelop few
Every single day we long to join the key rings
The rings of; the G8, the poets, the intellects, the leaders,
The business class, the writers, the believers, the atheists and
Many more unending rings which I’m sure ring a bell to all
We are daily entering or leaving these rings
We build rings to feel secure from others
We build them to form classes away from others
We build them to prove some points to others
We build them to set boundaries between us n’ others
We build them to feed our egos on others
But is life all about us?
How about them; the others? The ‘rest’ as we like to call them...
By building rings don’t we leave others out in insecurity?
By building them don’t we outclass others?
By building them don’t we assume others are pointless?
By building them don’t we exclude others?
By building them don’t we crash others self esteem?
We may never stop building these rings
But we should always be watchful on what each brings
We should endeavour to love beyond the rings
Leave beyond the rings and to invite all into
The one and only eternal ring
 Where justice and righteousness reign

by Newton J G K 2013.

Dispuchos! KigeugeuS!

Premise:  I always find it so hard when dealing with people who are always sitting on the fence and never wanting to be or do anything. I have written this to highlight some pains of dealing with Dipsuchos and such situations. Dipsuchos is the Greek word translated as "double-minded" from dis , meaning "twice," andpsuche , meaning "mind." In Swahili such a person is called Kigeugeu!

The turpitude world
Has created so many dipsuchos twits
They hardly do any but always say many
Giving half suggestions and never 
working to seek any helpful solutions
Has always been their daily agenda
Like tweeters they are always loud
They swing on blaming anyone else
Apart from themselves when things goes wrong
They are always twitting how much they know
Never knowing if to sit or to stand
Never wanting to agree nor disagree
Confusion and confusing is their
Lifetime’s grand mastery
They flow with waves and storms
Like the balloons on a windy day
In their luke-warmness
They claim to be 'cool'
They love sitting on 
The fences and hardly
Love it when the light is too bright
And when the truth is said n' the work done
To them is like a sharp needle's
Prick on a fully blown girnomous
Balloon as they burst out into
 Loud silence of withdrawal

by Newton G K B Posted 07/10/13 (14:57)