Monday, 7 October 2013

The Daily Visitor!

The Daily Visitor!
Hi I thought I would pop around
And just say hi as I
Check how you are doing this day
It is not my first time to come round
As in I always think about you
Every single day and I always desire
To let you know that I do really love
You, yes it’s you that I mean

In fact my Father loved you so much
That he sent me his only son
To come down and leave the throne
For the sake of saving you
And I tell you what it was not easy for
Me to come down and die on the cross
But coz I loved my Father and He loved
You, yes it’s you that I mean

I came so that you would not end up in
Hell to perish but that when you believe
In me and what my father sent me to do
You would have eternal life
I hope you understand what eternal means
Forever and ever and ever
Just before I go I leave you one question
 Where do you want to spend your eternity?

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