Tuesday, 15 October 2013

We must get our worship right!

Premise: Worship is a big question and if you analyse it well we too deeply resonate so well with it. We can't live without worship and what we worship does matter a lot for to a big extent if not all extent it affects all our life.

Daily as I walk along the corridors of this life as I peruse
The papers we daily write and read as I cast mine own eyes on
The numerous screens filled with information and  countless
 Pictures we daily display as I open my soul to drink from
The cups and plates served exquisitely by poets, musicians
And writers in and of all sorts of poetry, music and books
 From all over the world, as walk my eyes on the many social
Media sites and networks and as I listen to many men and women
Of all nations and races, of all ages and professions speak, argue
And chat to each other they either are looking for people to worship
 And to praise or they are looking for people to offer the same to
Them; either looking for ‘great’ people to worship or striving to be
The ones the entire world is looking at in its center to praise
They are looking for the so called celebrities to celebrate and
The so called celebrities are being consumed daily off their
Soul’s peace and joy by the worship and praise that people
Falsely accord them for they can never afford to fulfill nor 
Sustain it daily hence their souls and spirit end up drying forcing
Them to seek external powers from the dark worlds to be fed
While others end up in drugs and all sorts of evil which
All leave them and their worshipers in the bottomless
Pit of pain and unending life frustrations by their lost longings
To worship and to be worshiped is in all humans’ nature
And to us the earthlings there will never be fulfillment
Without the adjustment of our worship from being directed
To the false people or the false things that were created
But rather to be directed to the right one who created not only
The worshiper but also the worship that lives within the creation
 We must get our worship right or else we will continue being jinxed!

N J G K 2013.

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