Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Dispuchos! KigeugeuS!

Premise:  I always find it so hard when dealing with people who are always sitting on the fence and never wanting to be or do anything. I have written this to highlight some pains of dealing with Dipsuchos and such situations. Dipsuchos is the Greek word translated as "double-minded" from dis , meaning "twice," andpsuche , meaning "mind." In Swahili such a person is called Kigeugeu!

The turpitude world
Has created so many dipsuchos twits
They hardly do any but always say many
Giving half suggestions and never 
working to seek any helpful solutions
Has always been their daily agenda
Like tweeters they are always loud
They swing on blaming anyone else
Apart from themselves when things goes wrong
They are always twitting how much they know
Never knowing if to sit or to stand
Never wanting to agree nor disagree
Confusion and confusing is their
Lifetime’s grand mastery
They flow with waves and storms
Like the balloons on a windy day
In their luke-warmness
They claim to be 'cool'
They love sitting on 
The fences and hardly
Love it when the light is too bright
And when the truth is said n' the work done
To them is like a sharp needle's
Prick on a fully blown girnomous
Balloon as they burst out into
 Loud silence of withdrawal

by Newton G K B Posted 07/10/13 (14:57)

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