Monday, 7 October 2013

True Hope!

True Hope!

My confidence and
True hope
I will not build on
My own strengths or abilities
Nor my own weaknesses
For just so far they have
N’ can take me even
In this world
Where the soul
Finds not any
Lasting rest
For deeply I long
To see the beauty 
That glitters beyond
The comprehension
Of my mortal being
That which not a 
Single of the experiences 
On earth can fully
Quantify nor satisfy is what
I long to get hold
Of one day

My confidence and
True hope
Shall I wholly peg
On him from whom
The eternal promise I have
Received and on
Whose blood my
Righteousness has been
Graciously granted
For indeed in my
Mortal body and
My countable days
I find not enough
Promise and hope
To rely on but
On him whom I believe
A new nature
Imperishable have
I been mercifully
Given connecting
Me to the path

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