Friday, 28 June 2013

To a man of faith death is..

To a man of faith death is a bridge,
A small bridge connecting mortality to immortality,
To a man of faith death is a gate,
A small gate ushering men into their eternal home,
To a man of faith death is a hidden seed,
A hidden seed among rocks waiting for the Sower's voice,
To a man of faith death is a pool,
A small pool where sweat and tears of life are wiped,
To a man of faith death is victory,
A big victory after a purposeful living in ones days,
To a man of faith death opens a new page,
A blank page whose footnote and header are God's Spirit,
To a man of faith death is just but a dot,
A small dot within the long story of God's eternal living,
To a man of faith death is a key,
A key connecting one with a long desired life of joy,
To a man of faith death is a welcome visitor,
A welcome visitor after a fully assured life across it,
To a man of faith death is departure from a room,
Departure from a changing room in hope to appear on His stage,
To a man of faith death is like sleeping on the coach,
Sleeping on the coach to later wake up in the arms of Christ,
Indeed to a man of faith physical death is nothing to grieve,
Nothing to grieve but victorious rest.

A poem on reflections of what I believe physical death is to a Christian.
Newton GK on 28/06/2013

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Hail! Hail thee Rolihlahla! The world is proud of you.

Allow me to poetically jot down a simple piece for you,
A piece for you the magnanimous hero born almost a century ago,
On the 18th day of July 1918 Qunu village saw a lifetime dawn,
The world's son had been begot by Nosekeni for Mphakanyiswa,
A little star living inside the heart of a little African son, 
Hail! Hail thee Rolihlahla! The world is proud of you.

Growing up n' schooling bravely in Transkei the star shined on,
Just at nine years of age the star was robbed of its father by death,
With a lion's roar at sixteen the star is ushered into African manhood, 
In manhood and with more knowledge the star shines even brighter,
A little star living inside the heart of a young African son, 
Hail! Hail thee Rolihlahla! The world is proud of you.

At only 22 courage and braveness like a horn appears in your heart,
At the increase of the stars brightness darkness stands in awe,
Education, faith and wisdom cutting clear the path for the star,
At 30 the star's nation is unjustly hit by the Apartheid policy's darkness,
A little star living inside the heart of a young African son, 
Hail! Hail thee Rolihlahla! The world is proud of you.

Uniting with brave sons of his motherland the stars heat takes shape,
At the increase of the nations darkness the star is a pillar of hope,
Embracing truth n' justice foundation the star gets to the forefront,
The painful price for the nation's freedom sits on the star n' brothers,
A little star living inside the heart of a brave African son, 
Hail! Hail thee Rolihlahla! The world is proud of you.

Desire, passion, knowledge and wisdom in you is unstoppable,
Committed to equality of race and equal chances at a life's cost,
The star shines on in and out of the painful struggle chains,
The struggle intensifies even as the injustices continue to multiply,
A little star living inside the heart of a brave African son, 
Hail! Hail thee Rolihlahla! The world is proud of you.

The pursuit for truth and justice sends you into long time chains,
The stars cannot be cut off its brightness even by the bars of jail,
Determined to free the nation you take the painful walk to win it,
Suffering for the rights a suppressed race soldiering on in true love,
A little star shining from within the heart of a brave African son, 
Hail! Hail thee Rolihlahla! The world is proud of you.

The brightness of the star cutting across the jail bars into the globe,
The painful cry for justice reaching all corners there is in the world,
Preachers, actors and singers all in one accord join your heart's rhythm,
Not in vain, for 27 years in jail, reaching its climax the cry is finally heard,
A little star shining from within the heart of a brave African man, 
Hail! Hail thee Rolihlahla! The world is proud of you.

Tears of victorious happiness flowing in your nation in a new dawn,
Your commitment and that of your brothers ushering a new beginning,
The ultimate price surprising the entire globe as you forgive your imprison-er,
Teaching in the example of Christ your sermon in miraculous forgiveness,
A little star shining from within the heart of a brave African son, 
Hail! Hail thee Rolihlahla! The world is proud of you.

A true definition of faithful passionate pursuit for justice you are Mandela,
An honest example of life filled with sacrifice and suffering for a good course,
A clear indication of true hope in the pursuit for the call to love for the neighbor,
A sincere definition of human love, forgiveness and reconciliation for all races,
A little star shining from within the heart of a brave African son, 
Hail! Hail thee Rolihlahla! The world is proud of you.

Glory and praise to the Author of life within whom you were molded into being,
Hail! Hail to you for being the star the Author purposed in you in the days of your life,
May many learn from you n' continue to realize we too can do it inside the faith in God,
Hail Rolihlahla! Hail Nelson! Hail Mandela with all fearless saints! Hail our African star!
A little star shining from within the heart of a brave African son, 
Hail! Hail thee Rolihlahla! The world is proud of you.

I'm writing this for you Rolihlahla Mandela even as I continue to pray for you to be healed by the loving Lord! Even as I reflect on your journey in life I'm humbled and thankful to God for you and also for the life you have lived, the sacrifice and price you paid to realize what you were made to be. My prayer is that I will learn from your example even as I continue to realize God's calling for my life. with lots of love from a person who can only qualify to be your grandson by age.
By Newton Gatambia on 26/06/2013 at 01:21 British Time.


Life is your own perfect Idea of beauty,
Life is your own purposed creative victory,
Life is the wonderful expanse of your mercy,
Life is your own gift to all mankind for free,
Life is your righteousness granted to man,
Life is you living in us with the purpose,
Life is Christ's wedding proposal to His bride,
Life is your own breath to us in divine love,
Life is the dead creation springing into a new song,
Life is your Living Word restoring us to yourself,
Life is your Son's triumph over death,
Life is your resurrection power raising us from death,
Life is the sight of the incomparable riches of your grace
Life is your expression of loving kindness in your Son,

For what gift can be bigger than life?
For what can reward more than life? 

None apart from He who authored life,
None apart from Him who takes death away,
None apart from He who sustains life,
None apart from He who takes sin away,
None apart from whose blood purifies life of sin,
None apart from whose grace forgiveness is found,
None apart from He who has power above all,
Help us to love you with our all in all,
Help us worship you in and with this life,
Help us glorify you with this life,
Help us bow in humility to you Lord,
Help us walk in your will by faith,
Help us to fulfill the good works in your purpose,
Guide us in this life Lord.

Newton GK 25/06/2013.

Friday, 21 June 2013

Where are the Calves?

I grew up in Kiambu county of Kenya right inside a small village called escarpment, I was one among many members of grandpas extended family. In the years of my childhood I lived together with my parents, siblings, grand parents and many other relatives. To date I deeply miss the village life especially the love and the warmth of the community life that existed and still exists to date between one with each other both in the family setting and with the neighbors. I owe much of who I am to the upbringing I got back then and to the many events and activities of my childhood. These happenings left an indelible mark on my life to date and hence I always remember and treasure them. Of specific mention to this post is my days as a young shepherd together with my so adorable grandpa. I will use this experience to try and address an issue of big concern today which is parenting and the care for the young people by the community. I remember so well how as a home or family we watched and waited with great expectations when  a cow was a bout to give birth. The expectation was even more if it happened to be grandpa's cow mainly because him being the head of the extended family all that was his was also everyone else's in the family. I recall so clearly the time when three of his cows gave birth to very nice and strong calves all in the same month of July.

The good news was that we had plenty of the very nutritious traditional yogurt (githana- as we called it in my kikuyu language)  and hence our stomachs were guaranteed to be full for a good couple of weeks and equally there was a lot of milk in the family for all the houses to use and also excess to also to sell to neighbors and make some earnings. The sad news was that there was more work since the cows needed more feeding and that we had each a new and special responsibility to ensure the calves were well fed, well cared for and that they had to be suckled with care to their fullness at least three times a day. Along this period I observed keenly that my grandpa was very keen on the well-being of the calves as compared to the mother cows and I kept wondering why. For me with my limited knowledge then I thought the mother cows were more important now that they were the ones we would milk and get to make the precious cup of milky tea (I thought I should mention this for A CUP of TEA has a special meaning here in England especially in the long winter).

This issue bothered me for a couple of weeks and in line with the African saying (paraphrasing) that what an old man can see while seated a boy cannot see even while on the top of a tree I could hardly grasp the wisdom behind why grandpa was more concerned with the calves than their mothers. I therefore, burning with a deep desire to know started asking a list of people about why the calves mattered more, I asked my uncle to start with and his response was simply that it was always the way grandpa did it. I wasn't satisfied and so one afternoon as we sat with grandparents in their kitchen some few minutes after grandpa had just handed us so much milk to feed the calves on I realized that that was the golden moment for me to have a glance at grandpa's wealth of wisdom. "Grandpa can I ask you a question please!" I asked with a very calculated naivety, "Oh yes! what do you want to know grandson." he responded so bravely. I knew the moment of great wisdom had been granted to me for indeed every time grandpa spoke or did something I always learnt a lifetime worth lesson and so I asked softly and in great expectation for a thick and solid piece of wisdom, "I have noted that you are always more keen on the calves as compared to the mother cows and you seem to really treasure the calves, why is that the case?".

He looked at me wish such a surprised yet a 'proud of you' look on the face; he knew I was already peeping at his deep wealth of wisdom where only few if any were allowed. He knew I had been observing something precious in his acts and all I needed then was an explanation. I got to know this because every time he was about to share his wisdom and respond to such a deep question like this; he would always send a smiling glance to his sweetheart; my grandma, and then face the questioner immediately and only a sharp kid realized that such a glance had been sent. At such times grandma would start miming some song as a way to prepare the path for the answer in waiting and so my heart was already beginning to pound harder as I watched grandpa lips prepare to utter yet some more wisdom. This time he spread his hand towards me as I lifted mine slowly and humbly towards his and as the hands met he looked straight into my eyes and said; "Muriu wa muru wakwa!, (my grandson) Ruru rutari njau rititheremaga - translated in English to directly mean - a herd without calves never lives on or a herd without calves has no future." At this moment I had noticed that both grandpa and grandma were staring at me smiling happily as I tried to digest the words grandpa had just said, while the deep wisdom was getting clearer to me I could feel its heavy wight dawning on my mind and heart like the morning dawns after a previously very dark night and when the significance of the saying dawned to me fully I smiled back and they both unanimously said, "That is the reason calves are always to be treasured." They went ahead to give me some bit of explanations on the same though I was already swimming in the truth of understanding the saying in relation to the story and the entire life around me then as well as the life in that days future which is part of today.

From that time a new wisdom had been made known to me, a wisdom that can never be taken away from me and a wisdom that matches so well with the reality of life's daily occurrences, that determines the future of any society as well as the future of the creation at large. I knew my grandpa had, still has, sons and daughters with whom he was and still is well pleased of, he however as I always keenly note has a more keen concern for every new born and the further a kid is in his generation line the more his concern grows for them, I mean he cares so well for his great grandchildren than he does for grandchildren or his own children. He also had very productive cows and he looked after them so well though he always took more care to the calves. During the days of childhood with grandpa I also realized that it was not only that he was so keen into wanting to see the herd make it into another generation but that he so well knew how vulnerable a young calf or a young child would be to the dangers surrounding each and so he invested and trained us to invent faithfully our care and time to such so as to not only have a future generation but to also have it fruitful and successful. What significance does this long story has to the society today and also to the young and vulnerable kids of this generation?

I'm a young person though compared to the young people I have been called to serve by the Lord with him and in him here in Bury, Manchester I may be considered old. To them I might appear so old or even a non member of their so called young people context. From my old lessons and also out of experience I believe that any time invested to and among the young kids of any culture or society either by just giving them company, by accepting them, mentoring them, loving them, caring for them and relating to them without suspicion does not only assure us of our existence as a society in the future ahead but that it also gives the young ones protection, provision, motivation, courage, friendship and guidance through the many dangers we the older ones know about or have already been through in our past. The society has to look at them with love eyes and to accept them fully as part of it rather than strangers or those who are hoping to join the society in future, times they have so much energy just like the calves would always have but I remember grandpa would never allow us or himself  to let them off his hands especially in the night or in the times dangers clearly surrounded them. We had to hold onto them for only in our hands or at our sight were they safe. In their jumpy life they did not understand the dangers surrounding them but that did not lower the pain in the consequences of their wrong move onto them when they landed into the danger.

Kingdoms come and kingdoms go, heroes are born and heroes die but this one thing remains that a society that gives so much credit to it's great and successful history without focusing carefully, deliberately and cautiously into its future cuts its own future life tree slowly but surely towards death. I will pause at that to allow the reader to digest the long story and to see how it ties together with the society today but I will not fail to tell you briefly about one night of the many tough nights of my child age I will never forget. I was mean't  to move the calves from their calf pen to grandma's kitchen where they would always spend the nights. The calves had grown a little bit bigger and they needed more care and wisdom in handling them and even more than one pair of hands to move them from one place to another. Knowing this I called on grandma to help me now that grandpa was still having a rest in bed. Grandma told me off and said I was big enough to do it on my own just as many parents would normally say when they were busy or unwilling to help a younger person. I hesitantly went on towards the calf pen and at that time it was getting darker and equally were my doubts growing bigger on whether or not I would manage to move the calves all by myself. At this time the saying that I had learnt from grandpa just a few weeks earlier was speaking to my mind and heart so clearly and loudly which had made me so nervous... "Ruru rutati njau rititheremaga - translated in English to directly mean - a herd without calves never lives on or a herd without calves has no future." At this time I had gotten at the calf pen and the now very strong calves were all waiting at the calf pen's gate to be taken away from the cold and the darkness.

Soon as the three calves saw me they became so jumpy, happy and sadly very hard to control on my own. I felt so anxious at that point mainly because I knew grandma will not come out to help and that grandpa was still asleep even though in a way he knew that at such an hour everyday him and I always moved the calves to the kitchen. I stood at the gate not sure whether to open it or not, after some time I decided to try getting one calf at a time which would be easier than trying to catch them all at once. I opened the gate very carefully and managed to grab the rope on one of the calves necks and pulled it out. Hardly had I locked the gate than the other two calves jumped out of the gate and ran into the home field. I did not want to let go off the one calf that was already in my hands and holding it so firmly I shouted, "grandma! grandpa! help." They both jumped out of the houses as if they had been waiting for me to shout out their names and staring at me so weirdly they shouted unanimously yet so loudly, "Where are the calves?" ....

A long parable by
Newton Gatambia K.

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Times in life!

Times in life things will get hard,
Always strive to be harder,
Times in life friends and family will fail us,
Always cling onto Jesus the true hope,
Times in life we will be hurt by close ones,
Always be willing to forgive them,
Times in life things will fail to work out,
Always be willing to try again,
Time in life we will make mistakes,
Always ensure we learn from them,
Times in life we will trip and fall down,
Always be willing to rise and walk again,
Times in life all things will run out of our basket,
Always keep a firm grip onto hope,
Times in life we will be unable to keep running,
Always be ready to start walking,
Times  in life we will be unable to keep walking,
Always be ready to start crawling,
Times in life we will be unable to run, walk or crawl,
Always ensure you do not stop moving on,
Times in life the seasons will be harvest-less,
Always be willing to plant again,
Times in life we will feel lonely and deserted,
Always ensure we are looking up to Him,
Times in life everyone else will be frowning,
Always be willing to lighten them with a smile,
Times in life we will find ourselves in the wrong path,
Always be willing to turn back however costly,
Times in life we will fall inside deep pits,
Always be willing to shout help! to Him,
Times in life we will face the darkest of moments,
Always be willing to keep the eyes open in hope for light,
Times in life fear, doubt and anxiety will stand our way,
Always be willing to trust Him who overcame even death,
Times in life we will run out of time,
Always ensure we never run out of life chasing time,
Times in life things will flow smoothly and successfully,
Always remember to thank Him who owns all,
No matter what or how the times are,
Always be there in Him to tell the tale.

Life is a journey and we can make it count and worth living if we know we are with and in the one who overcame even death by faith. Jesus' hope for us his people is indestructible. may this poem encourage us to trust Him even more.
By Newton GK on 18/06/2013.

Sunday, 16 June 2013

Surely this is life's live beauty!

My face facing up unto the heavens,
Watching them declare God's glory,
The skies are making the proclamation;
How majestic and skilled is their Architect,
To their daily loud speeches my ears inclined,
In universal language they speak to us all,
I watch the sun in it's splendid amazement; 
Making it's perfect circuit across the heavens,
Surely this is life's live beauty!

The sunshine carpeting all that I can see,
I'ts heat and brightness is way so satisfying,
Wow! I want to enjoy as much of it as i can,
Surely it's beauty cannot be an accident,
Perfect display of its sumptuousness satisfies,
The Creator's great love on everyone's face,
On those who know Him and those who don't,
On those who bless Him and those who don't,
Surely this is life's live beauty!

At suns rising to it's coming down we praise Him,
Shining on those who care and those who don't,
All gathered to enjoy it's bright and warming glow,
'He is so generous!' some say clearly and loudly,
'He is so generous!' some keeping it in the inside,
'This is mere coincidence and fate.' few claim quietly,
Yet, to all of us the summers sun continues to shine,
No single bill charged for the sun by it's Author,
Surely this is life's live beauty!

Newton GK on the great joy of a longed for sunny summer day finally come in Bury plus a read of Psalm 19.

Oh what a joyful day at toddler group.

Silence in the hall is too loud,
All is set and in quiet waiting;
For the princes' and princesses,
Soon they will be in in liveliness,
Life will be here in the hall,
Joy and jubilation of toddlers,
Jumping, skipping and running,
Laughing, crying and smiling,
Oh what a joyful day at toddler group.

Yeah! the creaky door opening sound,
Soft and hard steps approaching slowly,
Soft and loud voices in unison nearing,
 Yeah! It is them already here,
It's toddlers with their lovely parents,
Hurry! Hurry! I better get things ready,
the stickers, the register and my palm,
Scratching my memory to reveal the names,
Oh what a joyful day at toddler group.

Smiling at their innocent faces,
Recalling their names I give my high fives,

Drawing a lively cheer from within them,
Some shy some brave and cheered up,
Time to give them their identity badges,
Reading their faces for responses I rejoice,
All running for what pleases their eyes,
The silence is sent parking as noise rules,
Oh what a joyful day at toddler group.

My sharp uncle's eyes are busy patrolling,
Looking for a chance to offer a hand,

Every single day I get closer to their hearts,
becoming Christ's true love and light is my all;
To the little saints and to their parents,
Walking, chatting, smiling, helping all in His power,
All at once the bell goes and play time is done,
Its the cool one, hurry! it's 'see and know' time,
Oh what a joyful day at toddler group.

In beautiful unity and a big laughter,
We all gather into the amazing room,

Leader's cheerful welcome so heart warming,
Singing all names as we shake hands,
Wow! lets sing.. "I open my bible and what do I see... 
Words that tell me that God made me..." so cool,
A day's lesson story then singing and dancing,
"We put one little hand over one little eye.. prayer"
Oh what a joyful day at toddler group.

Reflections on the amazing days doing toddler group meetings at Seedfield Methodist Church by Newton GK on 16/06/2013.

Saturday, 15 June 2013

The father gift I highly cherish!

dad's will always be the cherished treasure.

Before anyone else knew or did it, you took great pride in me at birth,
Celebrating the gift of a son at hand, deep in your heart you placed me,
You embraced me in a true believe hoping that I would one day become;
Become the great someone you saw in the far future from the beginning,
Before I even knew anything in life you gave everything to me in love,
You sat all night watching me while in infancy I laughed and cried to you,
The father gift I highly cherish.

Your toil with hands and heart provided to all my daily needs,
Everyday you plod along in the daily life hustle for my own sake,
Paying all my bills and filling my life plate with food you daily did,
Every single day in the grueling race of life you worked even harder,
All for the sake of us at home who were eagerly awaiting for you,
I have no memory of any single day you came to us empty handed,
The father gift I highly cherish.

How I daily dearly and eagerly waited for your heavy assuring voice,
Calling out my name loudly with authority to my soft years I sighed,
Your presence accompanied by the safety feeling and hope assurance,
I overwhelming you with questions and issues of the already old day,
My complains, compliments and commitments to you I poured all;
With love, wisdom and sincere care you bravely sat and faced them all,
The father gift I highly cherish.

Even in my many fears in childhood you kept me standing firm and brave,
In all the days of my darkness, you've always remained a beacon of light,
Through many anxieties and uncertainties your presence brought calmness,
Bearing all the challenges of parenting and providing in passion and faith,
Your generous, caring and compassionate lifestyle daily inspires my living,
In love you spared not the rod all to ensure I kept to truth and respect path
The father gift I highly cherish.

I'm doing them with courage, stern and grim; all the deeds that you did for me,
This poem for you and to you I write, all in humble gratefulness I do it all dad,
You've always held my hand firmly hence my grip for others will I ever keep tight,
Taught me to love by giving all for me in love and to lead by serving me in kindness,
You are just wonderful, an ever present comforting arm in all my days and nights,
I can never afford to pay back all but will always cherish you for all you are to me,
The father gift I highly cherish.

Happy Fathers day to my dad, grandpa and all men who have played a father role in my entire life;
Gatambia Kibiringi,

Saturday, 8 June 2013

Enable me be all you want in me Lord.

Lord enable me to pay the price of true love and servant-hood.

Let me be a light to those in darkness,
Let be a joy spark to those in sorrow,
Let me be an encouragement to the distressed,
Let me be a hope to those in hopelessness,
Let me be available to those in loneliness,
Let me be a wealth to those in need,
Let me love all your creation God,
Let me be a shoulder to the suffering,
Let me be your sign post to the lost,
Let me be a lighthouse to the life sailors,
Let me be your ambassador in this land,
Let me be a voice for the oppressed,
Let me be nurtured in nurturing others,
Let me be a defender of the powerless,
Let me be your eyes to those blinded,
Let me glorify you Lord in all my all,
Enable me be all you want in me Lord.

by Newton JGK.

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Help me overcome my fears Oh Lord

Help me overcome my fears Oh Lord,
Help me overcome the fear of life's storms,
Help me overcome the fear of my weaknesses,
Help me overcome the fear of my assignment,
Help me overcome the fear of the truth's dawn,
Help me overcome the fear that pulls me back,
Help me overcome the fear of failure and defeat,
Help me overcome the fear of all criticism, 
Help overcome the fear of telling the truth,
Help me overcome the fear of suffering,
Help me overcome the fear of rejection,
Help me overcome the fear of persecution,
Help me overcome the fear of seeking help,
Help me overcome the fear of all my fears,
Help my unbelief with more faith in you,
Help me overcome all my doubts Oh Lord,
Help me overcome the fear of intimidation,
Help me overcome all anxieties as says your word, 
Help me overcome my fears Oh Lord.

Help me trust your everlasting company,
Help me believe your command to Fear not,
Brighten my tiny spark of will with your light, 
Help me trust your able and mighty arm,
Help me to trust when torn between trust and fear,
Give me the courage to walk the path of justice,
Help me trust your deep unfailing love daily,
Help me realize your strength in my weaknesses,
Give me the courage to love wholeheartedly,
Give me the courage to act with honesty,
Strengthen me that I may faithfully represent You,
Give me the courage to be all You want in me,
Give me courage to embrace the truth always,
Manifest your glory within me Lord,
Give me courage to be committed to your call,
Walk with me through the entire life,
I surrender all to You who is able,
Help me overcome my fears Oh Lord,
Help me trust your everlasting company.

© Newton JG on 05/06/2013.

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Let your light shine!

Like the sunshine rays lay all things bare,
Shed your light into our dark lives and souls,
Shed your light into this dark world,
Shed your light into our lives oh God,
Let your light shine on us and in us Lord,
Let it shine our Father, let it shine this day.

NJ G 03/06/2013

Saturday, 1 June 2013

Help me Lord to love you more and more.

The Lord's love overwhelms my soul,
The love that no words can tell it all,
The love that no song can fully communicate,
The love that no action can never repay,
The Love within which I've found my identity,
What shall I give back to you my Lord?
While I think of your love Lord, tears drop,
The weight of Jesus' loves on my heart is true,
Help me Lord to know you more everyday,
Help me Lord to love you more and more.

Your Son coming to look for the prodigal I,
While I think of Him carrying the heavy cross,
Doing it all for me to pay the debt I owed you,
He did not give up on me not even a second,
Suffered and died on the cross all for me,
While I think of your love Lord, tears drop,
The weight of Jesus' loves on my heart is true,
Help me Lord to know you more everyday,
Help me Lord to love you more and more.

Take away my pride and make me humble,
Help me consecrate my all to you Lord,
Open my eyes more to understand your grace,
In the hours of suffering help me to see you,
In the hours of celebration help me to thank you,
While I think of your love Lord, tears drop,
The weight of Jesus' loves on my heart is true,
Help me Lord to know you more everyday,
Help me Lord to love you more and more.

Where else can I find such everlasting love?
Where else can I find forgiveness of sin?
Where else can I be made His righteousness?
Where else can I find such indestructible hope?
Where else can I find such mercy and grace?
Only in Him, by Him, through Him and for Him,
The weight of Jesus' loves on my heart is true,
Help me Lord to know you more everyday,
Help me Lord to love you more and more.

Newton JGK on 02/06/2013.