Saturday, 15 June 2013

The father gift I highly cherish!

dad's will always be the cherished treasure.

Before anyone else knew or did it, you took great pride in me at birth,
Celebrating the gift of a son at hand, deep in your heart you placed me,
You embraced me in a true believe hoping that I would one day become;
Become the great someone you saw in the far future from the beginning,
Before I even knew anything in life you gave everything to me in love,
You sat all night watching me while in infancy I laughed and cried to you,
The father gift I highly cherish.

Your toil with hands and heart provided to all my daily needs,
Everyday you plod along in the daily life hustle for my own sake,
Paying all my bills and filling my life plate with food you daily did,
Every single day in the grueling race of life you worked even harder,
All for the sake of us at home who were eagerly awaiting for you,
I have no memory of any single day you came to us empty handed,
The father gift I highly cherish.

How I daily dearly and eagerly waited for your heavy assuring voice,
Calling out my name loudly with authority to my soft years I sighed,
Your presence accompanied by the safety feeling and hope assurance,
I overwhelming you with questions and issues of the already old day,
My complains, compliments and commitments to you I poured all;
With love, wisdom and sincere care you bravely sat and faced them all,
The father gift I highly cherish.

Even in my many fears in childhood you kept me standing firm and brave,
In all the days of my darkness, you've always remained a beacon of light,
Through many anxieties and uncertainties your presence brought calmness,
Bearing all the challenges of parenting and providing in passion and faith,
Your generous, caring and compassionate lifestyle daily inspires my living,
In love you spared not the rod all to ensure I kept to truth and respect path
The father gift I highly cherish.

I'm doing them with courage, stern and grim; all the deeds that you did for me,
This poem for you and to you I write, all in humble gratefulness I do it all dad,
You've always held my hand firmly hence my grip for others will I ever keep tight,
Taught me to love by giving all for me in love and to lead by serving me in kindness,
You are just wonderful, an ever present comforting arm in all my days and nights,
I can never afford to pay back all but will always cherish you for all you are to me,
The father gift I highly cherish.

Happy Fathers day to my dad, grandpa and all men who have played a father role in my entire life;
Gatambia Kibiringi,

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