Saturday, 8 June 2013

Enable me be all you want in me Lord.

Lord enable me to pay the price of true love and servant-hood.

Let me be a light to those in darkness,
Let be a joy spark to those in sorrow,
Let me be an encouragement to the distressed,
Let me be a hope to those in hopelessness,
Let me be available to those in loneliness,
Let me be a wealth to those in need,
Let me love all your creation God,
Let me be a shoulder to the suffering,
Let me be your sign post to the lost,
Let me be a lighthouse to the life sailors,
Let me be your ambassador in this land,
Let me be a voice for the oppressed,
Let me be nurtured in nurturing others,
Let me be a defender of the powerless,
Let me be your eyes to those blinded,
Let me glorify you Lord in all my all,
Enable me be all you want in me Lord.

by Newton JGK.

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