Tuesday, 25 June 2013


Life is your own perfect Idea of beauty,
Life is your own purposed creative victory,
Life is the wonderful expanse of your mercy,
Life is your own gift to all mankind for free,
Life is your righteousness granted to man,
Life is you living in us with the purpose,
Life is Christ's wedding proposal to His bride,
Life is your own breath to us in divine love,
Life is the dead creation springing into a new song,
Life is your Living Word restoring us to yourself,
Life is your Son's triumph over death,
Life is your resurrection power raising us from death,
Life is the sight of the incomparable riches of your grace
Life is your expression of loving kindness in your Son,

For what gift can be bigger than life?
For what can reward more than life? 

None apart from He who authored life,
None apart from Him who takes death away,
None apart from He who sustains life,
None apart from He who takes sin away,
None apart from whose blood purifies life of sin,
None apart from whose grace forgiveness is found,
None apart from He who has power above all,
Help us to love you with our all in all,
Help us worship you in and with this life,
Help us glorify you with this life,
Help us bow in humility to you Lord,
Help us walk in your will by faith,
Help us to fulfill the good works in your purpose,
Guide us in this life Lord.

Newton GK 25/06/2013.

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