Sunday, 16 June 2013

Surely this is life's live beauty!

My face facing up unto the heavens,
Watching them declare God's glory,
The skies are making the proclamation;
How majestic and skilled is their Architect,
To their daily loud speeches my ears inclined,
In universal language they speak to us all,
I watch the sun in it's splendid amazement; 
Making it's perfect circuit across the heavens,
Surely this is life's live beauty!

The sunshine carpeting all that I can see,
I'ts heat and brightness is way so satisfying,
Wow! I want to enjoy as much of it as i can,
Surely it's beauty cannot be an accident,
Perfect display of its sumptuousness satisfies,
The Creator's great love on everyone's face,
On those who know Him and those who don't,
On those who bless Him and those who don't,
Surely this is life's live beauty!

At suns rising to it's coming down we praise Him,
Shining on those who care and those who don't,
All gathered to enjoy it's bright and warming glow,
'He is so generous!' some say clearly and loudly,
'He is so generous!' some keeping it in the inside,
'This is mere coincidence and fate.' few claim quietly,
Yet, to all of us the summers sun continues to shine,
No single bill charged for the sun by it's Author,
Surely this is life's live beauty!

Newton GK on the great joy of a longed for sunny summer day finally come in Bury plus a read of Psalm 19.

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