Sunday, 16 June 2013

Oh what a joyful day at toddler group.

Silence in the hall is too loud,
All is set and in quiet waiting;
For the princes' and princesses,
Soon they will be in in liveliness,
Life will be here in the hall,
Joy and jubilation of toddlers,
Jumping, skipping and running,
Laughing, crying and smiling,
Oh what a joyful day at toddler group.

Yeah! the creaky door opening sound,
Soft and hard steps approaching slowly,
Soft and loud voices in unison nearing,
 Yeah! It is them already here,
It's toddlers with their lovely parents,
Hurry! Hurry! I better get things ready,
the stickers, the register and my palm,
Scratching my memory to reveal the names,
Oh what a joyful day at toddler group.

Smiling at their innocent faces,
Recalling their names I give my high fives,

Drawing a lively cheer from within them,
Some shy some brave and cheered up,
Time to give them their identity badges,
Reading their faces for responses I rejoice,
All running for what pleases their eyes,
The silence is sent parking as noise rules,
Oh what a joyful day at toddler group.

My sharp uncle's eyes are busy patrolling,
Looking for a chance to offer a hand,

Every single day I get closer to their hearts,
becoming Christ's true love and light is my all;
To the little saints and to their parents,
Walking, chatting, smiling, helping all in His power,
All at once the bell goes and play time is done,
Its the cool one, hurry! it's 'see and know' time,
Oh what a joyful day at toddler group.

In beautiful unity and a big laughter,
We all gather into the amazing room,

Leader's cheerful welcome so heart warming,
Singing all names as we shake hands,
Wow! lets sing.. "I open my bible and what do I see... 
Words that tell me that God made me..." so cool,
A day's lesson story then singing and dancing,
"We put one little hand over one little eye.. prayer"
Oh what a joyful day at toddler group.

Reflections on the amazing days doing toddler group meetings at Seedfield Methodist Church by Newton GK on 16/06/2013.

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