Monday, 15 July 2013


Yes! I'm on that path!
At the sharpest edge of my bluntness,
At the bluntest edge of my sharpness,
At the loudest point of my silence,
At the most silent point of my loudness,
At the finest point of my narrows of life,
At the narrowest point of my widths of life,
At the rarest visited yet the most longed for path,
Yes! I'm on that path!

I'm gonna cry out all my laughter,
I'm gonna laugh out all my cry,
I love this point yet at most I dread it,
The physical eyes in surrender to those of heart,
At least I hear the rest in the world least,
Yet, I still can hear all clearly in my inner self,
When brokenness of heart hosts the entire world,
Yes! I'm on that path!

When the beauty of life is at the brightest,
Yet the ugliness of the same helplessly stares,  
Sitting at the most shallow end of the outside,
Yet at the deepest end of my inner life pool,
Seeking to ignore the entire noises in the out;
Finding the concentration of the entire noises in the in,
Re-igniting the servant's cups of love, hope and faith
Yes! I'm on that path!

The path seemingly scaring from the outside;
The path leading continually to full strength,
The path where doubt and hope merge,
The path where fear and faith wrestle,
The path where the I inside the rest is most absent,
The path where the rest inside I are most present,
The path where Alpha and Omega is most audible,
Yes! I'm on that path!

The path where I can quietly read my life script,
The path where I faithfully discern His will and plan,
The path where His script joyfully overtakes mine,
The path where my heart He tunes with love for all,
The path where my repentant heart is consoled,
The path where His love fuels His mission in me,
The glorious and amazing path of solitude.
Yes I'm on that path!

© Newton J G K 2013
I nowadays try to have some deliberate time in solitude and I have found it very helpful for a healthy physical and spiritual living. Hope you too will make a similar discovery.

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