Sunday, 12 May 2013

True vessel of honor; Mami wee wanjiarire (Mother you who bore me.)

I deep love to hand me life you went ahead,
Ahead to conceive in the hope that I may be,
For months you carried me in your body in love,
Laboured, sacrificed and suffered that one day I may be,
In deep labour you ushered me into this beautiful world,
Tears of sincere joy flew down your face on witnessing my day 1,
A true vessel of honour and hope you are mummy.

Your tender heart and hands holding me close to your care,
On your chest and arms I sat and slept like a prince,
With your hands, wiping, cleaning, walking and feeding me,
Your face inspiring, smiling, watching and hoping in me,
Your legs carrying, walking, working and figting for me, 
Your words teaching, warning, advising and encouraging me,
A true vessel of honour and hope you are mummy.

You taught me to believe in myself, by trusting me in my naivety,
You taught me to pray always, by praying for me ceaselessly,
You taught me to love sincerely, by loving me unconditionally,
You taught me to serve wholeheartedly, by serving me unwaveringly,
You taught me to work with others, by working with me in my inexperience,
You taught me to behave, by disciplining me continually and understandeably,
A true vessel of honour and hope you are mummy.

I cannot afford to give everything back mummy, but my best shall I give,
To keep you growing strong in faith, I will always trust you and pray for you,
To keep you smiling in hope, I will always love and care for you,
To keep you happy and content, I will always value your deeds and prayers,
To keep you praying forever, I will always share my struggles and troubles with you,
From deep within my heart and soul, I will always remain thankful to you,
A true vessel of honour and hope you are mummy.

Special dedication to all mothers on the mothering day,
by Newton G on 10 Feb 2013.

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