Monday, 19 August 2013

Get Off My Way Miss!

So cunningly n’ wistfully
  She flies into the house
Like a housefly
She hardly knocks for
She believes she belongs
Wherever she finds
 an open door she
does offer her usual dose

right into the reluctant body
she in haste lays her lavish eggs
n’ right from the start
I feel like executing her
Some days I manage to terminate
Her early enough others
I don’t make to terminate her
If she survives the killing she
Sets to destroy me or my passion

How randomly her eggs develop
Regardless of my fumble or fondle
Soon the eggs start to hatch while
Huh! Just how time flies as
I count n’ watch the hatching
To my surprise n’ downfall
The dusk is already peeping through
the window with very little
To show for the ending day

As all the eggs finish hatching
 I can feel the bitter stuffy stuff
Starting to stare at the
Stuck stark face sat on
The stiff n’ startled neck
It’s sad that the bitter stuffy stuff
Has to go down my throat

How I wish I didn't let her in
How I wish I eliminated her soon
 How I wish I destroyed the eggs

Now I’m drowning in bitter regret
Again for letting her be the better

Tomorrow I won’t open the door
For madam LAZINESS, I won’t let her
Like a housefly in my house,
If she sneaks in I won’t allow her
To lay her PROCASTINATION eggs in me
And if she manages to lay the eggs
I won’t leave them to hatch as I
Watch even at the ticking of my watch

Argh! This bitter idler I’ll endeavor to
Fight daily for if he is the better of us two
He will always leave me
Beaten and bitter,

Get off my way miss!

Newton J G K 2013.

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