Sunday, 15 September 2013

Beauty Of Beauties!

The eyes of the heart
The eyes of the soul
The eyes of the body
The thoughts of the mind
All in unison they 
are widely open
and keenly focused
offering a pellucid path
for the princess
and her prince
the long awaited
unison is here
the book and
the pen are ready
fresh and pure the
page stays open;
to write
the story
of the princess
and her prince
 at the voice of
His spirit
The ears have been
Patiently inclined 
 The prince’s arm firmly
wiggles on the open
page in readiness
To put down
his  lovely
Princess’ name
Beauty of beauties
she stands out
among many ladies
as the triad
Eyes of the Prince
 Continue to nod
 in joyful unison
keenly watching
her lovely heart
the ears are
listening to the
melodies of her
soft n’ caring  voice
while enjoying the
warmth of her
true humility n’
drinking from the
cup of her
precious love
the mouth warmed
up in readiness to
utter the words
of the new journey
to utter the words
of the new beginning
to ask her out
to be the one
the prince
has chosen to love
The Author of
Time n’ life
Is always right
His timing is
The right timing
With the what
How who and when
He plans them
Perfectly in time
For He is all wise
His time is the best
Time for it unites
The best in love
The clock begins
To tick with new
Energy soon as the
Prince's princess gives her
Long awaited n' timely
 For my love Irene on

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