Thursday, 26 September 2013

Woe unto ye the earthlings!

Oh of the things most complicated you are
How shall I explain you without complicating things
For those who dearly long to understand your evil
 Ways and your false invitations to humans see how many
 In your snare you have caught for none of us is immune
 Of you and your grip in our natural life see how many
 Find comfort in their sinful ways instead of understanding
 You and seeking help they have sought to waste time
 Disqualifying him in whom you stand inferior and defeated
Woe unto ye the earthlings who know not what sin doeth!

Oh sin! Damned are they who know not you and know 
Not that they know not you for them you have enslaved
In your snare within their fallen nature have they been
Content in their evil ways against their creator n’ all creation
Woe too unto them who have known you and chosen your
Path of destruction them you daily mislead causing death n’ evil
as you daily their hearts and souls hold in fallen captivity
the way of folly n’ pride have they chosen not even acknowledging
him who controls their daily breath sustaining their lives with care
Woe unto ye the earthlings who know not where sin leadeth!

Oh sin! Happy are they who have known n’ seen you n’
Understood the pain of your sting for only them have known
Their fallen state to mourn and repent of their sin’s stain
Wiping it away by the Son of the Almighty's blood shed on 
The cross where your are forever defeated with right n' light
Such beings who have believeth in the given Son will perish not
For in humility and faith have they accepted the loving invitation
Into the Almighty’s undeserved grace have their redemption been given
And they rejoice in the promised gift of the Saviour’s eternal life
Woe unto ye the earthlings who know not how sin to defeat!

N J G K 2013.

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