Monday, 23 September 2013

A prayer in times of darkness!

A prayer in times of darkness
When our eyes are wet with tears
When our hearts are heavy with groaning
When our souls are overwhelmed with mourning
When our minds are roaming in deep questions
Even at the deepest of the valleys of fear and death
Then shall we still continue trusting God our all
For where else will we get our help?
With our knees bent in prayer
With our arms lifted up to seek his help
With our eyes facing up to him of heavens
We won’t doubt but believe in JEHOVAH-JIREH
The Lord who is our provider
We won’t fear but trust the JEHOVAH-NISSI
The Lord who is our banner of love and protection
We won’t give up but hold onto JEHOVAH-SHALOM
The Lord who is our perfect peace
We won’t depart but stay with JEHOVAH-SABAOTH
The Lord Who is with us everywhere
We won’t surrender but wait on JEHOVAH RAPHA
The Lord who is Our Healer
Let the blood of Jesus surround us
We pray.

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