Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Woeful ye the fallen man!

Is indeed
A fallen and
A falling being
Ruining himself and
All his own surroundings
Look round the whole wide world
Count the many wicked ways of man
Who poisoned the well of his heart?
Sad did he sneak poison into his heart
Who has put his soul into unpleasant ruin?
Who has put a snare into his minds and ways?
What has gotten into the epitome of his entirety?
Entangling him in unbreakable cord of falsehood
In his countless schemes of sinfulness he prides
Hating destroying n' killing his fellow beings
Acting like the Satan who rules the world
Neither believing nor walking the way of right
He has drowned into darkness hating the light
Who will come and give him redemption
Who will come and change his heart
Who will come and change his soul
Who will come and renew his mind
Who will come and his nature
Redeem into new creation
Surely he needs more
Than man can offer
For n’ to him
He needs a

N J G K 2013.

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