Saturday, 10 August 2013

Life's shape!

The endless questions of what is life?
  Always a mystery for so quick a mastery
Even to the masters of many
Mysteries of the mysterious
 World we live in;
The question remains mysteriously
Inexhaustibly fathomed

So I opt to ask not
what life is but rather it’s shape?

Is life short?
Is life shallow?
Is life narrow?

Oh yes! I think it is!
But wait! (I doubt) the war soldier will differ that
Even a single day in the battlefield to him like a decade
No I don’t think it is!
(Short shallow and narrow)


Is life long?
Is life deep?
Is life wide?

Oh yes! I think it is
But wait! (I doubt) a teenager in a dying bed will disagree
If he has had enough of it
No! I don’t think it is!
(Long deep and wide)

Still another mystery
Its seems to depend;
Depend on what though??

On so many things it seems to swing
On so many things it seems to float
Not once but daily it swings and floats on lots
Every time on many angles it’s displayed

On what one is looking for in it...
On what one is looking at in it...
On when one is looking at it ...
On how one is looking at it...
On whose eyes one is looking at it...
On the whos’ whats’ whens’ and hows’ it always swings
But the; who shapes it
To me matters most

I find it short, shallow n’ narrow yet
I find it also long, deep n’ wide

So how is life? I continue to ask
I think it goes on and on
Just like my questions about it does

If the question’s of its nature goes on and on
Then arises another mystery
I think life definitely
has to be longer  n' deeper than my question
about it's shape!!!!

I better jump into its eternity
I better remain in its eternal path forever
I better seek the ship that promises
Eternity for
I want to see life’s other side
I better stay in the Jesus’ ship
For then only shall I see where it leads

Newton J G K 2013.

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