Monday, 5 August 2013

Where are the calves?

Premise: this piece is meant to stress the importance of effective parenting for any given society or nation.

Where are the calves?

The world owner’s voice had I followed
It landed me right outside the main cow shed
I knew there was work to do
I knew there was little time to waste too
He said that I was on a rescue mission
So i walked into the cowshed in haste

I could feel it’s almost tangible loneliness staring at me
There was hardly any movement or even any sign of life
I wondered in deep pain where the shed’s life had gone to
The life that had ever before lived in the key cow shed
The lively life of the jumpy, wise n’ healthy calves I longed to see
Oh dear, what happened to them? I shouted yet no one responded
Oh dear, where is the future of the amazing herd?

As tears rolled down my empty face in despair
I could see the calves’ mothers n’ fathers rested next to the kettle
Not even the grannies seemed bothered by the shed’s emptiness
That the calves were nowhere to be seen didn't bother them
As I walked around to look for any calves remaining within
I was so shocked to realize that
The very few within were lonely and frustrated
They too hardly considered the cow shed as home anymore
I shook my head as I wandered in wonder

I could see the remains of the torn old gates all over the shed
The old n’ rotting walls had all fallen apart
None of the parents seemed to had bothered to repair them
My tears kept on flowing in agony for the herd’s future
I no longer could stay inside the empty cow shed and
So I left for the bushes and the woods and everywhere

To look for the calves,
To look for the herds future,
To look for the lost life,
I keep wishing n' praying the parents would join me in the search
I will carry on with my mission to gather the vulnerable
I’ll try and rescue all I can
For that’s what big and loving brothers are for
 And as she always said;
My African grandma;
 “A herd without calves reaches not to the future.”

Newton J G K. 2013

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