Wednesday, 8 January 2014

The Almighty!

The Almighty!

God is not a product of our thoughts;
We can never alter his existence by our thinking
He is the Creator of the thinker and the thoughts
 And in both he exists to sustain for His glory
May our thinking be all done to the glory of his name

God is not a product of human reason;
We can never succeed in trying to to reason him out of existence
He is the designer of the reasoner and all his reasoning
 Both reasoning and the reasoner are content only in Him
May he enable us to to know He is the reason behind our existence

God is not a product of scientific experiments
We can never scientifically claim his inexistent
He is the Architect of the scientists and all they pride in analysing
In humility and reality science and scientists glimpse His majesty 
May our growth of knowledge and wisdom find favour
In Him the true source of our being

God is not a product of the earth and nor its creatures;
We can never use atheistic or natural parameters to
to argue against his existence
He is the Author of both the natural and the supernatural  
The natures' transcience and the the  supernatures'
transcendence manifest His great works

Newton G Kibiringi 2014

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