Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Make Sense of the Essence!

Where is;
What is our true worth?
What holds us intact?
What keeps our heads up?
What fuels our soul?
What feeds our passion?
What ignites our actions?
What quenches our longings?
What steers our motivation?
What spurs our daily quest?
What stirs our hearts?
What aghast our souls?
What essences our presence?
Is it berthed on?
The fruit of our reproduction
The reap of our endeavour
The circle of our relations
On the inherent worth of birth
The greed of our flesh
The element of our consumption
The tide of earthly opulence
The itching for attention
The yen for recognition
The character in our conviction
The fulfilment of our commission
The essence by the transcendence
For from such comes either;
Life’s ghastly frustration or;
Life’s thrilling contentment

Newton G K 2014

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