Wednesday, 22 October 2014

May It Might Appear!

May it might appear to be times it never will
When the wrong way is more common
The right way may appear weird
Where hatred is the order of the day
Loving sincerely may appear misplaced
When the liars have more followers
Those walking in truth may appear inapt
Where greed is esteemed as a way of life
Giving generously may seem like conning
When sexual immorality is openly publicized
Choosing chastity may seem so archaic
When readiness for vengeance is a life pillar
The hope for forgiveness may seem ambivalent
Where fulfilling evil lust has a lasting say
The reality of austerity may seem anomalous
 May it might appear to be times it never will
Virtue may appear to rust yet never will be valueless
Vice may appear appealing yet never will reap right

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