Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Sweet Love!

Sweet Love!
A delicious taste to my soul
To see your mouth open
And shower me with sweet lyrics
Of the cool tranquil words
Of love in soothing liveliness
Sweeter than the best of music
Such love only springs
From a fervent heart

A fine fragrance to my soul
Watching your arms fancifully open
And cuddle me in your firm embrace
Within the so comforting grip
Of love in true acceptance
Warmer than the best of wool
Such love only anchors
On a heart so true

A beatific symphony to my soul
To watch your eyes amiably open
And let go the luscious tears of joy
Of the so contented embellish
Of love in honest fullness
Sweet as the adorous white lilies
Such love only springs
From the designer of life

© Newton G K 2014

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