Thursday, 1 December 2011

Defination of The name.

To many Jesus is a MEans/meANS to an eND meaning He is sort of a where we source our needs, thinking of the era we are in many see Him as a sort of an ATM machine. On the contrary we all know the best way to know someone is by asking them who they indeed are and on this view I seek to know who Jesus said he were. In his words he made a declaration that He is the way, the truth and the life, He also says that whoever  sees Him has seen the Father and so He is the full embodiment of the Father. He is the beginning and the end or in Greek the Alpha and the Omega. He is our all in all and hence bigger than just a means. When we have Him we have it all, know it all and hence are fulfilled for His name's sake.

Looking at the world today makes it clear to everyone that there is an emptiness we face in all  the days of our lives. Indeed all the religions unanimously agree that there is something wrong with humanity though not all agree on the way to fix it. One needs not to be a genius to acknowledge how uncertain the situations we face are and continue to be. My inspiration to start this blog resulted from my going to the regroup bible study where we went through a book by Skye Jethani; A Divine Commodity. Through our studies God has helped me to see more clearly about his position and our position in this world. I do realize very well that God has been faithful and just and to a very sincere extent merciful to us. I hope together God will help us grow and learn how we should relate to him, all this for his glory.

HOPE; Any one uses the word hope so occasionally and for various reasons, well oxford dictionary defines hope as "Expectation and desire (of thing, of doing, that); trust (SET ones hope on)" Well Skye defines it as follows "The conviction that despite what we may see and experience, everything is not meaningless. There is order amidst the Chaos; there is a story driving all things to a culmination." Whichever way its defined all of us need something to count as our hope.

FOR; a prep. in defence, support or favour of.. for the sake or benefit of.

THE WORLD; most people tend to think of the rest as the definition of the word world, well in this situation i mean myself and you, all inclusive, all that was created by God, both visible and invisible.

IN JESUS; i would have thought it wise to separate Jesus from in but i won't do so. We got to see the whole picture about the Son of God . We have no better thing to do but to know and believe the whole story of Jesus; His birth, His Life, His Death and His Resurrection.

"and The events surrounding are recorded in such a way to show that Jesus went to his death freely and deliberately--not because he actively chose death itself, but because he continued to commit himself to the mission of the kingdom in the face of opposition and evil. The act of the cup and bread at the 'last supper' symbolizes the totality of Jesus' life, a life lived in loving service of others. and The events surrounding 
the suffering and death of Jesus, along with all other instances of violence and murder, are ultimately outside the powers of rational explanation. The most we can do is to acknowledge in faith that the mystery of God's love is finally more powerful than evil and death. Jesus' death, too, needs to be recognized in this light. 
He choose to become sin that through His nailing on the cross I may get my redemption, oh what a faithful friend He is to us, all our sins and griefs to bear,He choose us for there was no other way for us, sin had separated us from the Father but we are now one through His death - an atonement for my sins, how therefore i Cherish Him for such love for the sinners.

Friends there is only one way,one truth and one life and that is Jesus the son of God." Newton JGK on Tuesday, April 19, 2011 at 2:54pm.

May God be with in this Journey of faith as we in Love, in Faithfulness and in Full tell the good news, welcome on board brethren.

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