Friday, 11 May 2012

What is Love??

For what is love;
Is it not the mouth?
That sings praises to the Almighty,
That sings a joyful song to our hearts,
That tells the truth even when it is riskiest to do,
That speaks words of hope to the suffering souls,
Encourages us to go on in pursuing our purpose in life,
That speaks only after listening...

Is it not the arm?
That is lifted up in praise to the Lord,
That serves without complaining,
 That lifts away the road blocks in the journey of life by accepting us as we are,
Sweeps away the pain of the weak,
Rejoices in giving out than receiving,
Wipes our tears when we are in mourning...

Is it not the eye?
Sees the cry of the poor and heartbroken,
See our worth even where all seems lost,
Watches at night in prayer for us,
Sees our weaknesses and still goes ahead to accept us as we are,
Searches for the prodigal children and brings them back home,
Sees our problems and stores them in the heart rather than the mouth,
Sees us with compassion even where there is tension,

Is it not the ear?
That listens patiently to us in our good and tough moments,
That hears our cry even when we have not altered a word,
That is inclined to the words of the Lord as its source of hope,
That actively listens to the cry of the weak, the poor, the sick, the mourners and forsaken,

Is it not the foot;
That takes the good news to the lost and hopeless,
Runs to rescue others’ lives while the rest run for their own
That counts not the number of steps where duty calls,
That walks in truth, justice and faithfulness,
Kneels to pray while the rest point fingers,

Is it not the heart?
That is given up to God in total humility and surrender,
That is big enough for friends and enemies altogether in kindness,
That searches for the right path even when the rest settle for the wrong one,
that shows hope, goodness, care, concern and compassion however much it costs,
that continues to hold us tight even when we are seen as worthless and valueless,
that is not self centered but selfless...

Love is like medicine curing others for our sake,
Love is like a teacher who offers more than he gets,
Love is like a flower that brightens our emotions even when our eyes are filled with tears....
Love is more than love...
Read this with love and love even when no one cares  to love you back, by Newton Gatambia

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