Saturday, 21 December 2013

Pain and Suffering!

Pain and Suffering!

That we truly dread times does strike
Life is full of harrowing storms
In case you come across one
Or if one comes across you
I pray that you will be strong enough
To fly, jump, run or walk over it

But if that be not the case
I still will pray that faith and hope
Will help you go through it or even
To patiently coil round it in endurance
To find the waiting delight across
The dreadful pain and suffering

In case the storm is too hard
Not to live you alive and kicking
I still will pray that it will not
Drown you all together
With the hope on the Eternal
Of the promised life after death

Though pain and suffering overwhelm us
We still must hope on to the very end
For there is hope that shines brighter
 Than our mortally best moment
 And hope that lasts even longer
Than our humanly worst moment

Newton G Kibiringi 2013

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