Monday, 19 January 2015

An Ode to Martin Luther King Jr.

He filled his heart with love 
For both his friends and his enemies he was
His soul he faithfully trained 
To desire and fight for righteousness
He opened his mouth 
To speak for the segregated and oppressed
He passionately rolled up his sleeves 
To serve and free the subjugated
He walked many miles 
In sacrifice to wage war against racism
He overwhelmed his life 
With ardent pursuit for justice and truth
He was brave and relentless 
In his divine non-conformism
He roared like a mighty lion 
In ruthlessness to ravage evil
On and on he soldiered in faith
Death was part of his truly sought path
His deeds, his words and his cry
Remain so gloriously triumphant
He knew the truth, believed it 
And like a sword he swing it in wisdom
He was rooted in him, the true Lord 
Who establishes the hope eternal for all men
His life forms the wide and deep roots
Of the sturdy global civilization
Martin Luther King Junior; 
To the society He left an indelible mark

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