Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Africa the Land of my Nativity!

Africa my land of nativity
Some float in beauty others sink in inelegance
Few soar in bright abundance many drown in abject destitution
Some explore your pleasure others exploit your treasure
Some sincerely nurture you while others roguishly  divesture you
A mixture of pain and joy shines on your dried face
Your broken shadow cast on the ground in bloodied tears
Your face stuck onto the heavens in endless fervent plea
I'm filled with unstoppable piety for the needy
The victims of the evil political and civil wars
The victims of corruption and neo-colonialism
The cry for justice and equality fills the air
Can’t your greedy sons dare to care for the dearth
Or will they eat their share while they flare in death
Africa my land of birth I hear your painful prayer
May the Lord fill many with compassionate flair
Them to whom your cry ache their kindness heart
Africa my land of nativity

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